Tonight will be the first company holiday party that I’ve missed. It feels a bit sad, but at the same time, there’s so much going on this month, that we needed to cut back on some of the things we’re doing. December’s too stressful of a month, so making a conscious effort to slow it down and mellow things out feels good.

Christmas shopping’s going well, though. I’m just about done with Huyen’s stuff and we’re at further along with our gifts than we usually are by this point (and we’re using a wiki to keep track of our gift-giving… is that too geeky?). Our holiday cards are another story, though.

Tomorrow we’re making our first ever visit to an Ikea (that I can remember) to pick up some of these for DVD storage. Then, it’s some shopping and eating with newly sugerized (surgery-ized?) Roberto and Ray.

I’ve made some good progress on some new projects recently. I hope to get some serious time down in the studio on Sunday to finish up a track on one of these new projects. While all the pieces won’t come together until sometime next year, this first one will kick things off nicely with a possible accompanying video (!). Good stuff.

I won’t be doing a holiday show at WMWC this year, but would anybody be interested in a one-time podcast (God, I hate that term)?

I said to a co-worker the other day: “If I could take a nine-month paid sabbatical, I bet I could get everything done that I need to get done.” I’m wondering now if I might need another year beyond that.

I’ve been having an issue with an Albanian CD store. The problem with ordering from an Albanian CD store is figuring out how to get to the “My Account” section. The other problem is getting a response from them when you have paid them via Paypal a month earlier but still haven’t received your order.

Last thing: there’s a good new Discovery special on Progeria. If you’re interested in checking it out, it’s airing December 12th at 11am eastern and December 28th at noon and 3pm eastern. As they say, check local listings.