Always late with these postings. And, seriously, like I couldn’t have come up with a better title?

The Thanksgiving holiday went well at my sister’s place in Virginia Beach. My parents, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousins were also there. ‘Twas nice seeing everybody and getting to hang out with my nieces (Alyssa, who’s two, now says my name… it comes out as “Miiiiyuuuuunnn.”

On Saturday morning, I made the six hour drive to New Jersey where I met with with Jason, Amy, Brian, and Candy and rode in with them to Philadelphia for our ten-year high school reunion. As expected, it was both weird and fun. I was really glad to run into Apurva and Pat, who I really missed being in regular touch with. Also enjoyed seeing Jen, who I went to Kindergarten with, Adam (we grew up in the same neighborhood), Rina, Megan, Jill, Gregg, Mike, April, Patty, and probably a dozen others I’m forgetting at the moment. I summed up the reunion experience over at the Ping and posted some photos as well. Mike has posted more photos that cover way more of the reunion than mine do. See if you can pick out the cheerleader, the football players, and the one dude that was so wasted he and consciousness were very close to parting ways.

Sorry my summary’s not a little better. It’s taken me six hours to write this as it is. One thing I will note is this: a significant number of the people I was talking to were burned out from their jobs/career. I guess the 28/29 age range is when it really starts to set in. Someone asked me what I wanted to do next and I said, “I dunno. Maybe I’ll be a chef.” Or a male strip-o-gram “artist.” Not sure yet.

And now it’s December. Just that fast. Didn’t we just take down our Christmas tree? I only-half-jokingly said to Huyen that we should just forgo the tree and decorating this year. I think Christmas every other year might work out better for me. So, get to work on that, OK?

That’s all for now. Go bask in the wonder that is RoboDump.