Y’all know how the CDDB/freedb works, right? You put a CD into your computer, it contacts a central server and identifies the CD based a number of criteria (primarily track lengths). When you download an album of MP3s and burn it, the CDDB is still able to recognize the disc. However, today something very odd (and impressive) happened to me.

Yesterday I received a record that I had won on ebay. I got home, recorded the record to my PC, split the tracks by hand, and burned a CD. When I popped the CD into my player at work, I expected it to ask “Do you want to be the first to submit this CD to the database?” like it usually does with a CD it doesn’t recognize. But, instead, it actually properly identifies the CD and displays the proper information!

Considering that there are so many possible ways I could have split the tracks or chosen where to start the first track of each side, I am amazed that the CDDB was able to identify the record. The only thing I can think is that either a.) someone else burned the album and split the tracks the exact same way I did, thereby indicating some weird cosmic luck or b.) the CDDB/freedb uses some really smart fuzzy logic to figure out albums that could be “close” to the one you inserted into the drive. Whatever the case, it’s never happened before and I bet it’ll never happen again.