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Caching the wave

I bought a new toy today.

MP3 blog over on the UA Journal

Even though I got dead air when I asked about interest in an MP3 blog, I’ve now integrated MP3 posts into my neglected “As I Hear It” blog over on the UA Journal.

Enjoy the sounds.

This Week at the RNC

This is going to be a very cool week. I’m really looking forward to keeping an eye on what’s going on up at the RNC. Matt Haughey’s links seem to be a good starting point for “as it happens” type grassroots reporting/documenting.

I kinda’ wish I could be up there. At least I can now feel like I’m there in spirit.

(As a side note, Brian Regan did a great bit last night at the Improv about protesters. He noted that protesters are always from one extreme or the other and you never see middle-road protesters holding up big signs that say in bold letters, “BOTH SIDES HAVE VALID POINTS.”)

(Update: This page pulls together all of Matt’s links onto one page. The beauty of RSS.)

Dreamin’ boogers

You know how you get a song stuck in your head and you don’t know why it’s there? That happened to me last night.

While I was sleeping.

Throughout several dreams, Biz Markie’s “Pickin’ Boogers” was floating through my head and I couldn’t stop it.

“Hey ma, what’s for dinner? / Go up your nose and pick a winner!”

Wilder than wood

It’s been one of those productive weeks thus far. My “to do” list was getting unbearably long and had stuff on it from the beginning of year, so I made it a point to break out a large chunk of them into a smaller and do-able “to do this week” list. I’ve made really good progress, despite many previous failed attempts, and my to do list is growing mercifully shorter.

Last weekend, we made a trip to my grandmother’s house in North Wildwood, NJ. The trip there took seven hours thanks to a nasty accident on 95 that closed off two lanes and forced us to jump onto 40 for ten or 15 miles and then silly amounts of shore traffic once we actually made it into Jersey. But, it was a fun trip with some time on the beach (the sand is finally out of my ears), playing Fascination, snapping pictures, and visiting with Grandmom, who’s doing great considering how the year started out for her.

We had dinner one night at the Wildwood Diner, which I had read is closing in October due to condo development. Here’s to hoping someone buys it. After our dinner, I mentioned to the waitress that I’d heard they would be closing in October because of condos and she said, “Um… no… not as far as I know. The owner [pointing at the owner] just bought the place last year and I don’t think she’d sell it yet.” I spoke to the owner on the way out and said the same thing to her that I did to the waitress. She counted my change and said, “Yup,” then paused. “How’d you hear that?” she asked. When I explained I’d heard it from a diner web site or mailing list on the web, she looked surprised. I guess she was trying to keep it a secret from everyone except prospective buyers. But for a diner that’s in pretty much its original condition that’s been a part of Wildwood since 1960, I can’t imagine that the people of the town wouldn’t want to know about something like that.

Neat random fact: the diner breaks into nine pieces for easier transport.

Some pictures from the trip have been posted.

Vietnam in the Olympics

I was naturally curious to see how Vietnam would do in the Olympics this year. They only sent a few people, women for the Lightweight Double Sculls rowing competition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they did very well, placing sixth out of six in the first heat. Oh well… next time.

Interestingly, they’ve only won one medal in their 11 appearances since 1952, and that was Tran Hieu Ngan’s silver in Taekwondo (57 kg class) in 2000. More here and here.

Recap of my kneecap

I’ve done a poor job of recapping my weekends as of late, mainly because I can only say “Went to the farm, did stuff around the house, and watched some movies” three million times before even I start to get bored with myself. But here are the last two somewhat-out-of-the-ordinary weekends summed up in a paragraph:

Two weekends ago, Dave came by and we watched some movies, burned some CDs, and he gave me a pen. And I baked cookies. This past weekend, I took Friday off and my parents came in town. We baked different cookies (and might I say that they are freaking GOOD), went to the movies, walked a bit of the W & OD trail (can you believe I’ve been in the area for six years and this is the first time I’ve ever been on the trail?), and did assorted other little things that there’s no reason to recap here (though that’s never stopped me in the past).

Today, I won a bowling shirt. Yay-hoo.

And if you want some music on a shiny disc with neat-o cover art, buy this mess.

Happy birthday, baby Jesus!

I just got an e-mail invitation intended for someone else inviting me to a birthday party for Jesus on August 21st.

I should go. Anyone want to pay for a plane ticket to Round Rock, Texas?

Putting feelers out

A while ago, I did a monthly mix tape for a few months. Songs were available in MP3 format and were kept online for a month. Sometimes I made packaging available, too.

If I were to start one of those trendy MP3 blogs, would you read it? Would you download the music?

Brian Regan in DC

Hey: anyone want to go see Brian Regan at the Improv later in August? I’m thinking about ordering some tickets but figured I’d see if I could get a small group that’d be interested in going…

Comment here or drop me a line (prices are ~$22 plus food).