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Corey’s a big boy now!

Newly posted: pictures from Corey’s 28th birthday party.

Some things never change

Written in my journal about 11 years ago, as I started the summer before my senior year of high school:

Today was a nice way to start off the summer… got up about 11:30 (I missed “What’s Happening”, but oh well).

Interestingly, with my day off today, I got up at about 11:30. And I didn’t watch my DVD of What’s Happening?!!, either (Huyen would have killed me).

Creepy co-inky

Want to talk about an eerie similarity?

Here are introductions to two different e-mails I received yesterday from two different former co-workers working on opposite coasts:

Former Co-Worker #1:

Dear Friends and Family:

After a number of years in corporate marketing communications, I’ve moved over to the agency side in order to satisfy my desire to work on a variety of creative projects across a wide range of industries and topics.

Former Co-Worker #2:

Friends and family,

After doing the independent consulting/contracting thing for nearly 3 years now, I’ve decided to “rejoin respectable society” and take a full-time job.


Right on schedule, the Sydney Morning Herald published Jack Marx’s article that mentioned my Maury fiasco. You can read it here.

Calgon, take me away

After a couple months of some really taxing days at work, I’m taking a few days off. And, boy, am I looking forward to it. I’m in one of those periods where I can use some downtime doing things I want to do. I need some good mind-clearing and a few days off are my drug of choice.

Yesterday was day one of the Rejuvenate Ryan Campaign. We started it by cleaning house for Christine, who will be arriving sometime this weekend for an overnight stay. Then, she and Huyen will be heading on a week-long roadtrip (with our new camera) to Cape Cod.

I won’t be joining them, but I am taking a couple more days off in the middle of next week that will be spent relaxing, hiking, or whatever comes up. Maybe I’ll just walk around the house without pants. That might do the trick. And by “do the trick,” I mean “gross out the neighbors.”

As mentioned above, we got our new camera this week which means, yes, the picture from will be appearing in print ads in the near future for Cannondale bikes. Good stuff. The camera, which I purchased on Paul‘s recommendation, is really nice. I can’t wait to start taking regular pictures again. Because, you know, the web needs another photoblog by a schlub with a new camera.

Freedom gifts

I got a spam today from a site selling bocce balls (no, I’m not kidding). The opening line was, “Are you looking for a unique gift idea for Father’s Day or July 4th?”

My question: Who the hell is buying gifts to celebrate July 4th? Maybe the same people that send cards on Labor Day.


… isn’t Jason’s mother wrong?

Someone buy me one

Best apron ever.

Gmail invitations

I have two Gmail invitations.

I’m offering them up to the first people who would be willing to make a $25 donation to a charity of my choosing in exchange for one.

(I got the idea from and have already executed this successfully once…)

First come, first served (whether I know you or not), but I will be validating that the donation has been made before actually sending the invitation.

Comment here if you’re interested.

As always, C-SPAN keeps the joint hopping

Did anyone notice C-SPAN last night ran “Ronald Reagan Lying in State?” It was two or three cameras that showed people walking by and viewing the casket. For eight hours. With no commentary, no music, nothing. Just… people walking and mourning.

Yet, it was the most appropriate “tribute” I’ve seen all week.

Best joke of the week: The Daily Show “reporting” that the Ronald Reagan Federal Building was going to be renamed the Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Federal Building.