Movable Type 3.0 is available.

I’ve gotta say that while the new features are intriguing, I’m not very psyched about their new licensing options, even with Mena’s reasonable explanation. As a long-time supporter of Movable Type, what I’ve appreciated most is how Ben and Mena were very close with their users. I remember sending Ben an e-mail about Movable Type a few years back, asking him whether he thought it would be a good answer for the UA Journal. I got a personal response. A few months ago, I wrote to Six Apart to ask a simple question about corporate licensing and never got a response. Things have changed.

And to a point, I understand. Six Apart exists to make money, to spread blogging into the corporate environment, and to support personal publishing, probably in that order. But I can’t help but feel that they’ve really gotten it wrong with their new licensing scheme. Perhaps it’s because as it is now, I’m using a registered version of MT (that means I voluntarily donated back in the day) to maintain a total of 11 different blogs. I can do so freely, set up more copies, and publish to as many other blogs as I wish. Under the new pricing structure, there’s not even a pricing structure that would support me. The closest (which supports ten blogs) is $150. $150. That’s a lot of money.

There’s been a lot of negative feedback thusfar about the pricing scheme and people discussing jumping ship to other blogging tools. WordPress or Text Pattern, perhaps? It should be noted that a free, unsupported of Movable Type will continue to exist, with a one author, three blog limitation (is that per-installation, I wonder?).

I’m really not sure about what the future of Movable Type and Six Apart is. I’m pretty crappy when it comes to business-related issues (if you saw the tax return for my LLC, you’d agree). All I know is that this marks the official shift away from the cozy little company of two that birthed Movable Type and toward more standard business-centric (versus user-centric) practices. I wish them the best of luck, especially Ben and Mena because they’re both such nice people, but I definitely don’t see myself upgrading to MT 3.0.