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Poem on Your Blog Day

Hey, it’s Poem in Your Pocket Day (here celebrated as Poem on Your Blog Day). Here’s my contribution, picked after being outside for a few minutes and considering cutting out of work early so I could enjoy the perfect weather (alas, I won’t). It’s by e.e. cummings, as if you couldn’t tell:

O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have
fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched
,has the naughty thumb
of science prodded
beauty .how
often have religions taken
thee upon their scraggy  knees
squeezing and
buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive
to the incomparable
couch of death thy
thou answerest
them only with

Holla at yo’ GOP, yeah you know me

[13:33] Ryan: lol… had you seen this yet?

[14:18] Paul: Can Republicans “holla?”

[14:19] Ryan: apparently, they can, which makes holla-ing, much less cool

[14:19] Paul: Hollaing for Halliburton

[14:19] Ryan: Hollaburton.

[14:19] Paul: There we go.

[14:20] Paul: “Pimpin’ Iraq’s oil fields for your pimped out ride”

No fussin over Hudson

I was as shocked as anyone when Jennifer Hudson was booted from American Idol (especially with Fantastia just barely missing the chopping block), but a controversy? C’mon. Take a deep breath and think for a moment.

After the initial shock, it took about three seconds to realize that Jennifer, Fantasia, Latoya, and even George are all splitting the same vote since they come from a similar classic soul/gospel background. Sure, John Steven is a one-note songbird dripping with mediocrity, but he’s got the entire pre-teen-girls-that-like-dorky-boys-with-red-hair-and-sound-like-Sinatra demographic locked. With Carmen out of the running, Jasmine has the votes from the entire state of Hawaii while Diana Degarmo can count on the votes from anyone whose ever been in a high school drama production.

But, America, hear me well. While I can rationalize Jennifer’s departure and understand how it’s going to be an uphill battle for the other three in that soul/gospel group, I promise you one thing: if Fantasia doesn’t make it to the end, I’m done with you. I’m moving to Canada, because clearly, it means the terrorists have won. And I’ve got all my Fantasia MP3s here to prove it.

Correction: I’m better than I thought.

The other day I mentioned it has been four years since I wrote my first blog entry… turns out I may have been wrong.

While looking through an old version of my site on the Internet Archive, I came across this page, which was a blog without me knowing it at the time. Note that the first entry was almost exactly two years before my entry.

So I’ve gone from a somewhat-early adopter to a pioneer! Six years blogging, baby!

New photos posted

I posted some pictures yesterday from last weekend’s visit from my family. Lots of farm pictures.

Quiz me!

Following Paul‘s lead, I’ve created a challenging quiz on that lets you see how well you know me. You’ll need to sign up for an account at the end, but just use a free, throw-away address (, perhaps?).

Post how well you do and any comments about the quiz here.

I’m tight with Kevin Bacon

Yeah, baby. I’m famous.

Three degrees!

Time flies when you’re blogging everything you do

Four years ago today, I wrote my first blog entry. The site I linked to in that entry is no longer around, but the web archive has it.

Here’s to four more years of talking to myself and letting y’all listen in.

Visits, Cramps, Moves, Departures, Books, and Warm Weather

Had a nice weekend with Mom and Dad and family friends Rex and Kathy in town. We hit the farm, the garden show in town, and enjoyed some downtime. The big surprise of the weekend: Rex requesting seconds on the tofu cheesecake I made.

I’ve been battling some nasty stomach cramps since yesterday afternoon. I’ll spare you the details, but it’s more than a tad uncomfortable.

The search for a new web host has gone well. I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on which host I’m going with based on how long they’ve been in business, their responsiveness to e-mail, and their good reviews over from the fickle audience at WHT. I did have one particularly zealous host hunt me down via IM despite the fact my IM address is no longer posted on the web site, just so he could make me an offer for hosting. I expect to make the move this weekend, when there will certainly be some “issues,” but hopefully nothing I can’t resolve during the two least popular web browsing days of the week.

Last Thursday was a good friend’s last day here at work. Things just aren’t the same without the King of Dr. Thunder around. There are a lot of people/things I’ve been missing recently.

I’ve been enjoying The Last Man Standing: The Tragedy and Triumph of Geronimo Pratt as of late. Man, that guy went through hell for a crime he didn’t commit, all because of institutionalized racism and the irrational hate of men like J. Edgar Hoover. I hate to even think about how many people are still incarcerated due to FBI frame-ups.

And hey, how about this 90-degree April weather? Isn’t there supposed to another season in between Winter and Summer?

Intergalactic Tunes

Comfort Stand’s Interplanetary Materials has been released and I invite you all to check it out. This free two-CD compilation of space-themed music promises to be quite the collection… let me know what you think, especially of disc two, track nine. :)

(Beware the potty mouth.)