Another period of light posting has hit. So here are some updates on things. And stuff. And whatnot with some such on the side.

Today at work a call came in that our “web site looks all messed up.” People with Netscape 4 shouldn’t be allowed to use the telephone until they upgrade their browser.

I’ve kept up with my running. I’ve run more in the last ten days than in the last ten months.

My second day at the farm is Saturday. I’m really looking forward to it. Does that say something about how one spends his week when he is anxious to clean a pig pen on a Saturday morning?

Huyen’s been enjoying her job but has been similarly swamped with work. We’re two busy bees. But neither of us are Busy Bee.

Apparently casting for the movie is underway and I’m informed that a “really hot” girl is lined up to play the angel and that my role as the devil has also been cast.

I’ve been back the studio a bit recently. With Ragz’ help, I polished off a track started a couple years back and it was accepted for the upcoming Comfort Stand compilation, Interplanetary Materials. Wahoo. The track (and the rest of the album) will be released and available for free download on April 15th.

Congrats to my sister and her family who have just closed on their first house. Soon she gets to see “The Paper of Doom,” the paper that anyone who’s ever gone through the mortgage process knows well about.

Two (George = Jermaine) people (Jon = Brady) on American Idol remind Huyen and I of people we knew in college. And while we’re on the topic of American Idol, Fantasia Barrino is insanely talented. She sounds like a female Al Green with the personality and performance chops to match.

Lunch is over. Bye.