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Attack on Chomerica

I’ve received a fair share of hate mail in my life and thought I had seen the worst that humanity had to offer. But then I read the e-mail that Margaret Cho received after doing a stand-up routine at the awards. The angry e-mails were based mainly on excerpts posted on Matt Drudge’s site (sidebar: is he ever going to redesign that awful mess?).

Among the comments Margaret received:

“Dear fat gook: I was disappointed to read your remarks today on Drudge. I was disappointed to read that you are just another Hollywood dicksucker.”

“Gee! Now that it is open season on blogs, how about coming down to my pig farm. You look like some good stock to breed with my pigs. In fact, if I have one that looks exactly like you I can sell more pigs to the Chinatowns across the U.S.”

“Fuck you you oriental cunt. you are not even an american. You are soooo stupid. Go fuck yourself and go back to Asia you slanted eye whore.”

“… the people who adore you have AIDS for a REASON”

I couldn’t even finish reading the page. Rest assured it’s full of racial epithets with plenty of variations on the “slant eye” theme, attacks on homosexuals, and pretty much every stereotype you can imagine. Seriously, is this a representative cross-section of the people that voted for Bush in the last election, 47.87% of the voting public?

It just blows me away, the homophobia, racism, sexism, sizism, and overall hate that continues to pervade in this country/world. Dr. King would be happy with the advances we’ve made in the last 30 years, but I think he’d say we have a long way to go.

Are you asian?Yes.Then you are a zipperhead.

Don’t be mad because GOD gave it all to GOOD Americans like me.Be greatful you live the the Greatest country GOD ever made.If you are woman, get a sex change.If your queer you can go back in the closet where you belong.If your fat you can go on a diet.If your ugly you can have surgery.If your a liberal you can read the Limbaugh letter,log onto Drudge,and listen to Hannity.Or read Ann Coulter.There is hope for you assholes.I hope I have been of some assistence.If I spelled anything wrong,or used bad grammer,it is because I was educated in a public school run by a liberal teachers union.Their is nothing you can do if you are not an American.GOD can only fit so many of us in here.

* sigh *

Write a story, get suspended

Yet another stupid suspension. An 11-year-old is suspended for six weeks after writing a story modeled after Halloween starring his friends. The boy is an award-winning writer and a fan of horror movies, but as far as I can tell, has no other disciplinary record. Good lord.

Someone needs to start a blog chronicling first amendment violations in schools.

Stinko’s strikes back

I made a trip to Kinko’s for work to drop off a file for them to print from. Very simple: one file on a small USB drive. All they have to do is copy it to their system, give me the drive back, and I’m on my way.

Of course, it doesn’t go quite like that. As usual, I get the employee who doesn’t actually know the most basic computer operations, yet is the one assigned to help other customers with the computers. I hand her the drive and tell her the file is on there for them to print from. “Well, sir, we need a floppy or a CD…”

I responded, “Um, the last time we were in here, we just gave you the USB drive, you copied the file off, and that was that.”

“Well, sir, you can wait for my manager to get back if you want.”

“You can’t just copy the file off of the drive?”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“*sigh* OK, keep the pen drive and I’ll pick it up with the order when it’s finished. Could you just write on the envelope that I left the drive here to make sure I get it back?”

She picked up a pen and began to write, “OK, what is this again?”

“A USB drive.”

She writes “U… S… P drive.”

“B. U-S-B.”

I don’t necessarily blame her for her ignorance, but how could Kinko’s employ someone and then not train them on something as basic as using a USB drive? I mean, it’s no more complex than a floppy disk… you plug it in, copy the file, and take it out. Stupid Stinko’s.

My two blogs

I’d like to say congrats to Greg Evigan—er, make that Mike—welcome to the unwitting faux celebrity posse (see comments from Jan 16, 2004).

– Maury

Stupid breadmaker lesson #4175

Breadmakers are pretty darn easy to use. Any idiot can use one, really, as long as you remember: liquid, dry, yeast as the order for the ingredients. And I’ve done pretty well with our breadmaker… we’ve made quite a few loaves without any problem. Well, for the most part, at least.

Last night, though, I was all set to try a recipe from a new breadmaker cookbook I got for Christmas. Unfortunately, at about two hours into the breadmaking and wondering why it just wasn’t mixing well, Huyen noticed the sticker on our breadmaker that said, “Bakes 1 1/2 or 2 lb. loaves.” I was making a one pound loaf. The house smelled great, but the bread was dead.

Tonight, I’ll try, try again.

Begone holiday season

Hey there, buddies and friends.

I had a nice trip to NJ this weekend, visiting my grandmother in the hospital and spending some time with the family. Grandmom’s continuing to improve, but slowly. She’s supposed to go into rehab today, which will hopefully speed the process along a bit. Mom and Dad enjoyed Singapore … Restaurant quite a bit, which is good because I was absolutely fiending for their faux shrimp.

We took down the Christmas tree last week. It was a bit of an ordeal because this was, by far, our fattest tree yet. But, we managed to squeeze it out the hallway and onto the curb for recycling. The most interesting thing: our tree didn’t drop a single needle from the time we put it up to the time we put it down. There were some dead needles that had fallen from when we originally put the tree up, but the darn thing didn’t shed one bit. Crazy Scotch Pine.

Also worth mentioning: last week I threw together a little script. It seems to work pretty well. Beware, though: I’m thinking an RSS feed is necessary.

And since Arquay sent me the link, I’ve been dreaming every night of this. Holy Baby Jesus.

Loo-k at me!

The phrase “official Book To Read On The Loo” is amusing.

Oddly, I usually finish that type of book more quickly than the “official Book To Read In Bed.”

FnG on DVD, finally!

Rob once again brings me some great TV-to-DVD related news: April 2004: Freaks and Geeks on DVD. And that limited edition sounds sweet (bet your bippy I’ll be getting that).

First post of the oh-for

New Year’s Eve was nice and relaxing, hanging out at a friend’s house in town. There’s something to be said for low-key gatherings like that.

I’ve added an All Consuming “Currently Reading…” box over on the right side of the blog because, you know, there’s not enough crap over there already.

Lastly, welcome back to Barbara and Kelli who have re-entered the blogging fold after a few months of silence. Now if we could just get Rob to take the tape off his mouth.