I’ve finally made a decision about the dead Nomad. I ended up ordering a 60 gig Fujitsu drive that’s known to work in the original Nomad Jukebox for less than $160 from the always awesome NewEgg. It’ll take a little handiwork to replace drives, but it shouldn’t be too hard and it’ll triple my original capacity. Of course, the thought of transferring 60 gigs worth of MP3s over USB 1.1 isn’t terribly appealing.

When I first got my Jukebox, I had figured out I could make 31 trips to my parents’ house and back before hearing the same song twice in a row if I filled up my nomad. Now I’ll be able to make 93 trips. That should take me until 2047.

In the same order, I picked up an OEM DVD burner for $99. We’re planning a near-future purchase of a camcorder (following Corey’s lead), so I wanted to be prepared. Now I just need to beef up my RAM a little bit.

While we’re on the subject of drives/driving, Huyen’s car goes into the shop next week after her minor accident a few weeks back. After going back-and-forth with insurance, we now know all about what a “total loss” is.