We’re pretty well cleaned up around our place after a fun Tet gathering at our place this weekend. It was nice to catch up with college (and other) friends. We spent a lot of time cleaning, preparing, and cooking for this particular gathering, so we spent most of Sunday lounging on the couch, alternating between brain-numbing tube viewing and napping. But apparently all our cooking efforts were appreciated, which is nice since neither of us has really spent much time cooking for more than a couple of people. It gave me a little taste of what running a restaurant might be like.

I’ll be posting some pictures soon, but for now I’ll point to you to some of our guests’ comments and photos: Robert, Rob (photos), Alex.

Meanwhile, this week marks the first week with yet another change in supervisors, as my current supervisor is taking a three-month leave following a surgery. I realized I’ve changed supervisors an average of once a year since I started here, though most of the changes came in my first and most recent years.