More details on the Freaks and Geeks DVD are available… and all I have to say is: Holy C-Rap.

On both the regular and deluxe editions:

  • 29 audio commentaries by every single actor, every single writer, directors, network execs, parents of cast members, teachers in character, the musical composer, and fellow fans (I’m sure this is a tad exaggerated, but I can’t wait to hear what commentary there is)
  • all the original music in place (this is key… there was a lot of question as to whether or not the licensing would be cost-prohibitive)
  • a booklet with photos
  • a director’s cut of the pilot
  • over 60 deleted scenes
  • cast auditions
  • trailers, promos, bloopers, and behind-the-scenes footage

On the deluxe edition:

  • an 80-page stamped and embossed yearbook packaging
  • three live “table reads”
  • an hour-long Q&A with Judd, Paul, and the entire cast at the Museum of Television & Radio in Los Angeles, shot just days before the show was canceled
  • more auditions, deleted scenes, promos, behind-the-scenes footage (edited by Jason Segal and Martin Starr), and outtakes
  • raw footage from a single-angle perspective
  • guidance counselor Jeff Ross and Feedback live in concert
  • an EPK with plenty o’ interviews
  • a script that was never shot
  • a special music and photo gallery
  • surprise Easter eggs
  • other weird stuff

The regular version will be six DVDs (not sure of the price) and the deluxe version will be eight (price: $120, which includes shipping). The deluxe version is available only through the FnG site. Both sets will be released April 6.

This sounds like this could be the best DVD package ever.