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Mmmm… fluids

[17:13] Katherine: okay, henry is throwing up in his crate so i gotta go. it is dangerous when you are the only adult in a house with 4 living things who have various degrees of control over their bodily functions and fluids… :)

My question for Katherine is: is the fourth “living thing” Jefferson or Chris?


It’s been a really busy and hectic week, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out exactly what it is that’s made it that way. So, as has become custom around here, let me do some catching up.

Stupid Corey inspired me (more like forced me) to get a camcorder. He traded up, so we now have the same model. I like the fact this camera has a built-in analog-to-digital conversion mode, so I can run a VCR through the camera to the PC and finally burn old home videos to DVD. (Incidentally, I like the fact that the Sony site highlights the features that are available on any given model versus the previous model.) Our “week of toys” also included getting the DVD burner and the hard drive for my Nomad that I mentioned last weekend. I’m going to be releasing a DVD within the next week that consists of an hour’s worth of footage of the inside of my nose, taken with the “night mode” on the camera. Pre-orders are being taken now.

Last night when I was installing my DVD burner, I looked down and my fingers were covered in blood. Apparently, I had cut myself on a piece of metal and didn’t even realize it. Computer-related injuries that involve bleeding are silly.

More ups-and-downs with Grandmom and my Aunt Helen this week. Things continue to be shaky, but we all remain hopeful.

I took Wednesday off to spend some time working on web and music stuff at home. It was nice to have that middle-of-the-week break and I managed to be pretty productive.

Huyen took her car in to be repaired this week, so she’s been driving rental cars to work. On Monday they were going to give her a front-wheel drive car, so she asked to upgrade to something that would do a little better in the snow. They gave her a Ford F-150. In case you can’t imagine what Huyen would look like next to one of these beasts, here are a couple pictures (note in the second one that the car’s mirror is bigger than her head):

Huyen and the F-150

Huyen and the mirror

The 30-second ads for You Got Served are enough to make me ill. I’ll even take Breakin’ over that overproduced crap… it basically looks like The Fast and The Furious with the cars replaced by breakdancers.

Paul want you to know that some companies are incompetent boobs.

The barrage of viruses this week is enough to make me want to strangle each and every person that clicks on unknown attachments.

Say what you will about Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton, but the Democratic debates would be downright boring without them. And an observation: the people who get the most positive crowd response during debates are the ones with the lowest numbers in the polls. If only applause translated directly to votes.

The Surreal Life is still freaking brilliant. If you don’t flip to the WB for anything else, do so for this show.

Paul is a meanie.

World66 looks pretty cool. It has potential. Just for fun: where I’ve traveled in the US (which includes my brief stop in Alaska on a plane but not states I’ve gone through on a train) and the world. The world map is kind of funny since the one time I’ve been out of the country it was halfway around the globe.

Two shows coming up: Monday Feb 9 @ The Ottobar, Sage Francis and Joey Beats (the Non-Prophets); Saturday Feb 21 @ 9:30, Spearhead and Ziggy Marley. Both should ooze niceness.

Had a nice lunch at the Afghan Grill which just opened up near my work. Sterling is hurting for good restaurants and this one definitely fits the bill.

Oxford hooks me up

My mom called tonight. She told me an odd piece of mail had arrived for me at their house, an address I haven’t called home in well over five years.

Apparently, the Oxford University Press decided to send me an advance review copy of Irish Writing – An Anthology of Irish Literature in English 1789-1939, which comes out next month. Awfully nice, right?

The thing is, they addressed it to me care of Stanza, an online poetry magazine I haven’t published since 1992. And, really, they had to dig to find that magazine and address.

So, anyway, I’ll give you a report when I’ve had a chance to leaf through all 600+ pages. It’s the least I can do, right?

Raw Breed says it’s open season

I hereby declare open season on:

  • Any newscaster that refers to snow as “the white stuff”

  • Any blogger that uses the word “musings” when referring their blog (I’ve done it myself, so I declare open season on me, as well)
  • People driving 25 mph in the snow even when on a plowed road where everyone else is safely traveling 45 mph on either side of them
  • People that think sending me updates for a page are best made by doing a “View source,” editing the page in Word, and then sending the resulting slopheap back to me.
  • Yo’ momma

Driving you away

I’ve finally made a decision about the dead Nomad. I ended up ordering a 60 gig Fujitsu drive that’s known to work in the original Nomad Jukebox for less than $160 from the always awesome NewEgg. It’ll take a little handiwork to replace drives, but it shouldn’t be too hard and it’ll triple my original capacity. Of course, the thought of transferring 60 gigs worth of MP3s over USB 1.1 isn’t terribly appealing.

When I first got my Jukebox, I had figured out I could make 31 trips to my parents’ house and back before hearing the same song twice in a row if I filled up my nomad. Now I’ll be able to make 93 trips. That should take me until 2047.

In the same order, I picked up an OEM DVD burner for $99. We’re planning a near-future purchase of a camcorder (following Corey’s lead), so I wanted to be prepared. Now I just need to beef up my RAM a little bit.

While we’re on the subject of drives/driving, Huyen’s car goes into the shop next week after her minor accident a few weeks back. After going back-and-forth with insurance, we now know all about what a “total loss” is.

Happy New Year!

Chuc mung nam moi!

Some photos from the Tet party are available here. Don’t forget that Rob’s got some, too.

It actually feels more like a new year for me now than it did on January 1st. Perhaps it’s because with all the decorations away, the house (relatively) clean, and most responsibilities fulfilled, this feels like the start of the something new.

What does that do for the blue book value?

From Brian: a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII for sale with only 32,400 miles on it.

Now read that description…

State of the Cumin

I only watched a few minutes of last night’s State of the Union address—I get unreasonably annoyed by all the applause—but one part really made me smile: when President Bush mentioned that the Patriot Act was due to expire this year and mid-sentence, a round of applause broke out. He looked noticeably uncomfortable and paused before continuing.

Oddly, in the White House’s version of the transcript, I can’t seem to find that section of the speech. It is in the Washington Post‘s transcript, though, and you can hear a clip here.

Also funny: when Bush was walking in and picked up a little girl (I believe she was black) and hugged her. One of his men then says, “There’s the shot of the night“. Always photo-opping.

Tet a tete

We’re pretty well cleaned up around our place after a fun Tet gathering at our place this weekend. It was nice to catch up with college (and other) friends. We spent a lot of time cleaning, preparing, and cooking for this particular gathering, so we spent most of Sunday lounging on the couch, alternating between brain-numbing tube viewing and napping. But apparently all our cooking efforts were appreciated, which is nice since neither of us has really spent much time cooking for more than a couple of people. It gave me a little taste of what running a restaurant might be like.

I’ll be posting some pictures soon, but for now I’ll point to you to some of our guests’ comments and photos: Robert, Rob (photos), Alex.

Meanwhile, this week marks the first week with yet another change in supervisors, as my current supervisor is taking a three-month leave following a surgery. I realized I’ve changed supervisors an average of once a year since I started here, though most of the changes came in my first and most recent years.

Freaks and Geeks DVD details

More details on the Freaks and Geeks DVD are available… and all I have to say is: Holy C-Rap.

On both the regular and deluxe editions:

  • 29 audio commentaries by every single actor, every single writer, directors, network execs, parents of cast members, teachers in character, the musical composer, and fellow fans (I’m sure this is a tad exaggerated, but I can’t wait to hear what commentary there is)
  • all the original music in place (this is key… there was a lot of question as to whether or not the licensing would be cost-prohibitive)
  • a booklet with photos
  • a director’s cut of the pilot
  • over 60 deleted scenes
  • cast auditions
  • trailers, promos, bloopers, and behind-the-scenes footage

On the deluxe edition:

  • an 80-page stamped and embossed yearbook packaging
  • three live “table reads”
  • an hour-long Q&A with Judd, Paul, and the entire cast at the Museum of Television & Radio in Los Angeles, shot just days before the show was canceled
  • more auditions, deleted scenes, promos, behind-the-scenes footage (edited by Jason Segal and Martin Starr), and outtakes
  • raw footage from a single-angle perspective
  • guidance counselor Jeff Ross and Feedback live in concert
  • an EPK with plenty o’ interviews
  • a script that was never shot
  • a special music and photo gallery
  • surprise Easter eggs
  • other weird stuff

The regular version will be six DVDs (not sure of the price) and the deluxe version will be eight (price: $120, which includes shipping). The deluxe version is available only through the FnG site. Both sets will be released April 6.

This sounds like this could be the best DVD package ever.