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Making friends with corn

I’m in Iowa, where are you?

How tight? Tight as Bush.

The way CNN broke the text of this headline made me snicker a little bit:

Security tight as Bush ... arrives in Britain

I wish my security was “tight as Bush.”

Sisters, nieces, and cows

Sure, a new weekend’s about to begin, but here are some photos of last weekend.

Out-of-control teens who sue TV shows, next on Maury

Oh no… I’m being sued, and I didn’t even know about it!

Man, it sucks to be famous.

It’s Wind-ay

We’ve been experiencing some “hurricane-strength” winds over the last couple of days in Northern Virginia. These are the kind that can wake you up in the middle of the night because it sounds like your roof is going to be ripped off. But here’s my question: how is it that I can walk around without getting blown around, but when sitting at a stoplight, my 2600 pound car was getting shifted about by heavy gusts of wind?

Also, I think I saw snow flurries on the drive home last night.

Dodging a bullet

It’s kind of scary to realize after the fact that two tornadoes each came within a mile of our house last week. Yikes.

Stifling creativity in the name of security

School suspends teen for rap lyric

A 15-year-old Brookfield Central High School student’s homemade rhymes earned him a five-day suspension and could get the honor student expelled because of a lyric deemed threatening toward the principal—perhaps the first such case in Wisconsin.

I said it before: if the sensitivity about kids’ creative output was as high ten years ago as it is now, I would have been kicked out of school and charged with threatening students, teachers, and administrators. This goes far beyond being cautious. You can’t just take words by themselves… you have to look at the individual, their history, their demeanor. The things I said (and sometimes still say) aren’t indicative of what I’m going to do. If that was the case, every mystery or horror writer would need to be put in jail because their characters were doing something violent.

Fortunately, one person interviewed in the article has their head on straight:

“We’re punishing kids for things that we adults never would have been punished for when we were that age,” he said. “If we try to criminalize every comment that adolescents made, all our kids would be locked up.”

In similar news, a student catches hell for posting “threats” to his blog and a teen is kicked out of school for a violent stick-figure drawing.

You best listen to God, fool.

Church Sign Generator sign

Carpet isn’t supposed to make that sound

Want to hear my genius move yesterday?

Nasty storms tore through our area yesterday. I returned home from work and realized I left my bedroom window open. I noticed this as I heard squishing beneath my feet when I walked on my side of the bed. I never leave the window open when we’re not home. But yesterday I did and our carpet got mighty wet because of it.

Thankfully, I’m not the only doofus around here.

Foxtrot, Meet Eric Meyer

I’m disappointed that Jason doesn’t speak in valid XHTML and CSS. His conversation isn’t semantically correct. Doesn’t he know that font tags are dead?