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More on the Diet System

I hadn’t checked in a while, but apparently, much of the world is still taking my diet system for real…

From‘s reviews of diet plans:

The following guarantee appears at their official website: “Laze’s Personal Weight Loss Guarantee: Try it free for a week and if you don’t lose 95 pounds in the first 7 days, simply return it, your credit card will never be charged.”

This guarantee defines the concept: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fortunately, some people seem to “get it:”

For all of you people who want to lose weight out there, here is the site for you. This man loses weight in the matter of moments. How does he do it? With this amazing diet system………

I’m sounding like I’m selling something? Have I lowered myself to advertising? I am I that pathetic? Oh dear. Well… it’s worth it.

Museum of Hoaxes on Laze’s Diet System

I need to pay more attention to my referrer log. A load of hits has come in from The Museum of Hoaxes, which featured my Diet System.

Here’s a diet system that promises fast results. It seems to involve sucking your stomach in.

It’s a full time laze move

Got a reply today from a guy I knew in high school… we hadn’t talked in probably 11 years, so I wasn’t even sure he’d remember me. He wrote:

Hey man what’s up? Yeah I remember you. I remember getting you to do the first line of Jackin for Beats for my TV tech project. AHHH how young, how stupid.

The project he spoke of was one where he had to piece together various people quoting different lines from a song (or some other pre-written script). I don’t even remember helping him with the project, but according to him, I kicked things off by saying, “Give me that beat fool, it’s a full time jack move.” I wish I could see how that project turned out… with the totally non-hip-hop-oriented people in my high school, I bet it was a riot.

Tireless work to make wireless work

Thanks to help from Rob and Brian, my wireless networking between my new studio PC and my main PC is now working well. I tell you, though, it was a struggle. I spend three days on it, including making some necessary changes that Brian suggested, but it took another two hours of work from Rob to get it functioning properly. Aren’t we at the point where setting up a very simple, ad-hoc network is as easy as attaching the wireless transmitters and then running a wizard on each PC? I can’ t tell you for sure, we’re not.

Also, tonight on MSNBC: repeats of the 2-hour democratic debates (9pm and 1am eastern).

DMA my arse

Sorry, but it’s absurd to think that telemarketers have a “right” to annoy people who specifically ask not to be annoyed. End of story.

Trancelike State

Found today on the Wayback Machine: Trancelike State Mix Tapes, playlists for a free-form electronica mixshow I did during my junior year of college. I love going back and listening to these tapes occasionally, as I feel like they really captured moods and had a better flow to them than some of my other shows. Maybe I’ll post one or two of them online…

let me push you on the mood swing… King Laze is your intergalactic pilot on the spatial plane… let it happen — enter a trancelike state…

Sprung on the Springs

As I alluded to yesterday, this weekend we took a trip to Berkeley Springs, WV for a delayed anniversary mini-vacation. Given the hurricane conditions the night before we were leaving, we weren’t totally sure whether we’d be going or not, but when Friday rolled around and the weather had cleared up, we decided to make the trip. Here’s a rundown of the weekend, complete with plenty o’ pictures.

Read more…

Fall-ing love with autumn

Happy fall! Now starts my favorite season of the year… colder weather and sweatshirts, hikes over trails covered by multi-colored leaves, and someone’s birthday. And when the temperature starts to drop, it’s soup-and-stew-making season (mmmm), not to mention that it’s also the least expensive part of the year in terms of utilities. Shoot, we haven’t used air conditioning (or heat, of course) since August.

Also, congrats to Alex on becoming a US citizen. Did you ever find yourself a US flag tie, sir?

Hi, Friends!

Feeling energized after a nice three-day weekend away in the mountains of West Virginia. More on that later…

After shutting down at 7-ish on Thursday night to try and keep the PC from frying, we were underwhelmed by Miss Isabel the Jezebel. She certainly caused some problems elsewhere, even a mere 30 minutes away, but the worst thing that happened to us was our grill tipping over. We didn’t lose power (though it flickered a couple of times) and there really weren’t even many branches on the ground afterwords. Stace was without power in VA Beach for a couple of days and a co-worker in Arlington didn’t get his back until 6pm last night. That’s a lot of spoiled food.

I got a chance to fire up my new studio PC last night. It’s pretty sweet… unfortunately, I wasted hours trying to get the stupid wireless networking to function so I can have Internet access in the basement. I’m still struggling with it. It’s a jumbled, confusing mess of settings, wizards, and constant running up and down two flights of stairs trying to get things working.

In other news, I’m switching web hosts soon. Ten times the space for 1/6th of the money (and, hopefully, better service) = a good thing. Of course, that will likely mean some downtime, but I’m sure all the “Olsen Twins nude” searchers won’t mind.

I woke up this morning with a heck of a song stuck in my head.

Power’s out…

… at my sister’s place. It seemed pretty inevitable.

I’m home now and hopefully Huyen’s on her way. I made the last few small preparations (bringing in some pots from out back, making sure anything expensive in the basement was up off of the floor, getting the cushions from the porch furniture, etc.). Now, let’s bring it on.

(As a side note, my new computer came today. Good timing, huh? Had to carry it to my car in the rain and I won’t be able to do much with it tonight…)