Just over six hours left in the Blogathon. Though a hundred or more folks have dropped out since the beginning (some with good reasons, but most are just lightweights!), over 400 bloggers are still going strong. I’ve barely written here at all today, but there were points today where I was pretty busy. For the last few hours I’ve been posting periodically to the front page of Blogathon.org highlighting some of the interesting stuff going on around the ‘thon.

I’ve taken a few short cat naps today, but the real props have to go to Huyen who drove to Roanoke this morning for a wedding (congrats Erika!) and then drove back tonight… that’s four hours each direction. And she’s still awake (see her in the background of the webcam?). Pretty impressive.

College friend Dave stopped by for a little while today. Last year Rodeo Rob was the visitor in-the-house.

There have been some good (but grainy) webcam shots today. There’s this series of five I’ll have to post later… really funny.

So… how do you like the site redesign? Arquay pointed out some early bugs in the code that I hadn’t seen, but everything seems to be smoothed out on that front. A lot of the stuff on the site still has to be converted over to the new format, but I expect to be done by the time the weekend’s over. I’m really pleased with this redesign. I’ll be writing up a more details overview of the redesign later Sunday night.

Off to write my Ping for the day…

(Is anyone even reading this, incidentally? I suspect not.)