I was in Circuit City three times last week. That’s just insane.

Day one: returning a DVD.

Day two: buying a package of 50 CD-Rs ($1.99 after two mail-in rebates) and a package of 100 CD-Rs ($15 after two mail-in rebates).

Day three: buying a 120 gig hard drive ($80 after two mail-in rebates; the offer expired Saturday).

So, after I mail in those six rebates (for three items), I’ll have made out pretty darn well.

Moderately funny story about installing the second hard drive (bringing my total capacity to 160 gigs!): I installed the drive, shut the case, and booted up the computer. The BIOS didn’t detect the new drive and it took me an hour (OK… more than an hour) to realize that I had forgotten to attach the power supply to the hard drive. Oopsie.