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I’m back…

… just wanted to let you know. A long-winded trip summary of our visit to Chicago is forthcoming.

A thought for the moment: it still kind of jolts me when I’m reading a blog and see myself mentioned/linked… in the last two days I’ve been experiencing a load of imagined fame thanks to the likes of Corey, vix, and kellan.


<American Idol dork mode>Ruben and Clay are two talented cats… it was good to see such a close race. Honestly, though, by the end, Kimberly Locke was my favorite.</American Idol dork mode>

BTW — did anyone notice Josh’s conspicuous absence? And not even a mention of his name?

The ear’s fine

So I went into the doctor and told him, “My throat’s sore. I think it’s my ear.” Sounds like the start of a bad joke, doesn’t it?

Anyway, the good news is no ear infection. Just some congestion and nothing a little Flonase and some time won’t fix.

Is it just me, or do doctor’s offices seem totally different than just five years ago? I always feel like I’m being rushed… the doctor I used to have would come in, sit down (it makes me nervous to talk to a doctor who’s standing and fiddling with his doctor-toys), and ask me how things were going before we even started talking about any illness. I also don’t really have a single doctor… I’ve seen pretty much everyone that works at this particular office. I liked the doctor I had when I first started going there, but she moved to another location after about six months.

Anyway. Everything’s good to go and my brain won’t leak out of my ears during Paul’s wedding. Hope he appreciates it. Ungrateful bastard.

And to Alex: start feeling better soon, man. We’re all pulling for you. Except for Corey. I heard he doesn’t really like you very much. Ungrateful bastard.

(Last note: if you’re in the mood to support a good person and a good cause, consider supporting Kristy and her participation in the National Race for the Cure [for breast cancer].)

Someblog saved my life tonight

The last few days I’ve had a sore throat. “No big deal,” you might think. But this isn’t a general “my throat’s scratchy, I need some Chloroseptic spray.” Rather, it’s sore in a very specific spot of my throat… very localized. Last year I had a similar problem and I seemed to remember that it wasn’t just a sore throat… that it was actually connected to something else. Allergies? An infection? So I did what any normal person would do to find out what the diagnosis was.

No, I didn’t call my doctor. I checked my blog.

I found: my initial whining about my sore throat (and an accompanying sore under my tongue). I decided it must be herpes from my stint as a male prostitute. A little more browsing and I came across the prognosis: it signalled the start an ear infection.

So: tomorrow morning, to the doctor I go (only a week after Huyen visited for the same thing). And maybe I’ll tell the doctor, “I’m here with a sore throat… and if it wasn’t for my blog, I might have stayed home.”

American Idol lawsuit

Man claims ‘Idol’ was his idea, sues Fox

This guy is full of crap and let me quote two lines to show why:

“Keane’s suit alleges that he came up with the idea for a show called “American Idol” in 1994 when he lived in Marshalltown, Iowa … The proposal also included a voting system with viewers casting their ballots by telephone or the Internet.”

Assuming that he came up with the voting system idea at the same as the general concept of the show, there’s no way someone could have foreseen using the Internet for voting on a show like this. In 1994 there were very few people using the Web and barely anyone at that point were running polls on their web site, let alone worrying about how to prevent voting fraud on a large scale. Shoot, the most future-thinking companies didn’t even have a web site until late 94/early 95. Damn, it’s 11 years later and American Idol still isn’t using the Internet for voting.

Spammer leaves his phone number

Got this spam that includes some phone numbers for contacting the guy… anyone want to have some fun?

From: “Rosemary Sargent” <[email protected]>
Subject: RE:
Date: Fri, 16 May 03 17:04:25 GMT

Dear Sir,

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His Pimp Paw is strong

Hey, Corey and Kristy, what about this for Jack?

Mailing checks overseas?

Here’s a stupid question: can you send a personal check from the United States overseas (say, to Poland)? Will they be able to cash it without any problems?

I need to send a few bucks and realized that I’ve never sent money overseas before…

Matrix unloaded

Seems like everybody’s pretty hyped for the new Matrix movie. Me, I feel like Les Moore from Funky Winkerbean.

In the mid-80s I remember a series of Funky Winkerbean comics where Les was the only person in the world that didn’t like Michael Jackson. For about two weeks, they focused on this, having Les run into people that couldn’t believe he didn’t like Michael Jackson because, jeez, everyone loves Michael Jackson!

The Matrix is my Michael Jackson, 20 years later. You might say I was unimpressed with the first film… I fell asleep. Needless to say, I won’t be anywhere near the theatre this weekend.

($x = 99; $x > 0; $x–) Bottles of beer on the wall

99 Bottles of Beer in 515 languages.

That’s computer languages. Truly geeky.