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Reason #812 I love the web…

… getting a surprise e-mail from Carlos “Soul” Slinger himself.


Three unrelated paragraphs

Saturday afternoon: 70 degrees, worked in the yard. Sunday morning: an inch of slushy snow on the ground with wind chills in the low 30s. I’m having a wardrobe crisis.

Wrestlemania XIX last night was one of the best in recent memory. Great matches and drama all around, though a little light on the typical WM “surprises.” Good seeing Brian, Robert, Matt, Matt, and Mike yesterday… like Rakim said, “It’s been a long time…”

Does anyone reading have experience doing small business accounting?

Universal truth

“Pain is pain, no matter latitude or longitude…” -Mystic

The cost of war

What the cost of war (here, $75B) can buy (via Sunil)

Included on the list: 5,840,667 4-year public university students (all expenses)… 375,000,000 “Simputers” (cost-effective computers for developing nations)… Hiring 688,206 top-notch U.N. weapons inspectors for a year… 40,816,326,530 free school lunches under the national school lunch program.

2400 Diner: No more smoking

Eatery takes a breath of fresh air

Until Saturday, the door of Fredericksburg’s 2400 Diner was a portal to a smokier time.

Customers could lift a sandwich with one hand, a cigarette with the other. Afterward, they could chat and drink coffee in a comfortable tobacco haze.

But now, the butts have been snuffed.

If I stretched like that, I’d snap offers not only a free PDF booklet on Yoga (“without tree hugging”) and Zen as well as some simple office Yoga, good for people sitting at PCs all day. I haven’t checked out their customizable online yoga series yet, but it looks pretty neat. Yoga without the new age rhetoric… sounds good to me.

So if you walk into my office and find in me a pretzel shape, don’t bother me: I’m fighting the effects of RPI (speaking of RPI, take a look at WorkRave… a neat app that’s really well designed).

Nude AND Naked

Look along the right bar and scroll to the “Back Lincoln 20,” a list of the 20 most recent sites/searches that have led to my blog. Now, click on any of the nude/naked searches and then click back through to my site from the search results page.


CDNow dead?

Did I miss something? I know it’s been a long time since I’ve ordered from CDNow, but when did they merge with

I’m convinced that Amazon owns pretty much everything and everybody. I’m not sure, but I think might wind up as an Amazon tab soon.

Good weekend

Friday: dinner and hours of music with DJ Ragz. Good guy, that Ragz is. Saturday: surgery on our vacuum cleaner, dinner with Alex, and a party at the Mobster Robster’s. Sunday: lotsa’ sleep.

I was really fidgety last night, though, and must have woken up a dozen times during the night… really unrestful sleep, waking up every 45 minutes. Don’t know what the problem was.

Two recent realizations: I’ve gotten re-addicted to Family Ties in the morning and I really love the smell of good incense.

This week is shaping up to be quite a nice week. Hopefully I’ll have some time to get outside after work, especially since my arm’s still bothering me, so racquetball might be out of the question this week.

Frontline war blogs

I’ve been fascinated by the BBC’s weblog coverage of the war from Baghdad, Kuwait, DC, Jordan, etc. Really interesting stuff.

Am I a geek for thinking, “I wish they had an RSS feed…”