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Corey: Wig flipping and job leaving

1. Thanks to Corey for his awesome work on the Flipyawig re-release. He’s the damn man. Now if some more people would just buy the thing, I’d be happy. Check out his collage of Lyrical Prophets gear. Hopefully I won’t be seeing that same photo on Ebay in the future.

2. Congrats to the same Corey for his new job. Lucky bastard had his last day of work cancelled because of a few measly inches of snow. Eh, he deserves it, though.

Krush Grooving…

March 7th, B’more: DJ Krush. Anyone with me?

Can I have one of his sweaters?

Fred Rogers, dead at 74

I watched an awful lot of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood growing up… I always wanted one of those big traffic lights he had near the fish tank. I have several of his records, a couple of them are surprisingly creative and surreal for children’s music. He was one of those rare people that didn’t talk down to children, he talked with them, and for that he’ll be missed.

Interesting fact: one of his sweaters is at the Smithsonian (see bottom).

Updated: I remembered this morning that, as a kid, I would refer to Mr. Rogers as “Raja Raja.” Just thought I’d mention it.

A Mighty Director Returns

April 16th, Christopher Guest returns with A Mighty Wind, a mockumentary with all the usual cast members about the death of a 60’s folk musician that brings about a reunion of other forgotten singers of the era. The trailer makes it look like this will be another great effort from Mr. Guest.

Which reminds me, I need to go rent/buy Best in Show.

I’m annoying.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel obnoxious?

Subway v.s. Metro

The Morning news takes a look at the differences and similarities between the New York City subway and the DC metro in What Lies Beneath. While I’m not what one would call an experiened rail-rider, I take public transportation whenever I’m in a big city (except when I’m dodging drug dealers, crack whores, and other shifty types, of course). I’ve always liked New York City’s subway the best, by far. Sure, it’s probably the least clean, but it 1.) is easy to use, 2.) is almost always running, and 3.) has tons of history and cool little legends built around it (like how many hidden levels of the subway there really are underground). There’s a feel that you get when riding the subway that you don’t get when you’re riding the Metro.

BART, on the third hand, just baffles me.

The article hits the nail on the head: DC is designed for efficiency while New York’s is designed to be inexpensive. But, as is often the case, real local flavor and culture devlops not around carefully calculated efficiency, but around a system that everyone—rich, poor, and in-between—uses at the same time.

Monday Links

Being married with 2 kids and a mortgage, I have very few outlets for my anarchistic leanings. Operating systems fills that void. God that sounds lame.

Cool indie music resources: Indie One Stop / / Short-Run Music (Scott Andrew)

Zero degrees celcius ain’t cold… zero Kelvin is cold., Photoshopping wackiness. The animal pictures (like the fox on a dolphin’s body) freak me the hell out, though.

RSS + PHP + Google News = Way Cool

Magpie is some PHP code that parses RSS.

Gnews2RSS is a PHP script that turns a Google News search into an RSS feed.

A combination of the two on your own page can provide you with an easily customizable newsfeed for your topical blog. It took a little tweaking to get just right, but still… so so cool.

Warning: Tea Snob Post Ahead

Inspired by Caterina’s Tea Recommendations (link via the newly-redesigned Meg), I’ve decided to go into tea snob mode for a moment. You may want to look away or you might lose that image you have of me as a rough-and-tumble guy from the streets…

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