The dentist’s office called me at about 1:30 to tell me that their 2pm had cancelled and that I was their last appointment, so I could come in early if I wanted. This just confirms my suspicions

The extraction of the tooth was unbelievably easy. It took longer for me to drive the five minutes there and back than it did to get shot up with novocaine and have the tooth yanked out (which didn’t hurt even a little… the noises were the most disconcerting thing). Unfortunately, he threw the tooth out before I could ask him if I could keep it (you know, to gross out my niece and stuff). What’s up with that?

I swear, though, the doctor must think I’m the biggest puss in the world. I asked him before he stuck me with the needle, “So, can you give me a rundown of what’s going to happen?” He wasn’t kidding when he said it would only take a minute or two.

So, I’m feeling fine at the moment… biting on some gauze until the bleeding stops. I’ll be avoiding swishing and rinsing like the plague to avoid the dreaded dry socket (which he told me is very rare in upper teeth, perhaps just to make me feel better). And I have a prescription for vicodin just in case things start to hurt too much…

Any other tips from people without wisdom teeth?