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The Year in Review

The year in review: ADD style. What’s missing: a lot. What’s included: very little of serious import. But it’s all great fun. Really. Happy new year, friends.

Learned to tie a tie, got mad ill, and purchased my Creative Nomad (my “purchase of the year”).

Late night banking, American Taliban-mixtape-having,, abandoned snack bar-sneaking, fluorescent snot-sneezing wackiness.

Anniversaries galore started the month. I started the meme that never was and Damian Marley put on a great show.

I did an unintentional “Mandala Mix,” left Verisign in the dust, but got squat from the Better Business Bureau.

May surprise redesign/ToFA goes MT. I unclogged the shitter but smelled like gas. Tonsa cool friend news.

I had umbrella troubles, my Golden Girl blog launched, “The Hook” came out, and I had a tooth drilled.

I won six DVDs, blogged for 24 hours (again), and launched a full-scale Net assault on Encore.

Wrubel makes a basement-saving discovery and I was interviewed for Newsweek.

Celebrated one year, interviewed Angela, relaunched UA, and formed a sniper militia with no idea about the near future.

31 Days, 31 Horror Movies. Alyssa. Lost e-mail. “Don’t be the weak link.” Turn 27, get Oreo Cake.

Rerun visits the Ping. Name that sample.

Snow! Incorporated Urban Ambiance. Prepared the re-release. Made this list.

Here’s a question I don’t want to ask…

I have people contacting me requesting underage porn (through my Golden Girls’ blog, for Chrissake!). Who would be the best agency to pass along this information to?

I’m on DSL, baby

So, despite my concerns, I decided to go ahead and try installing DSL. I called to have ADT put my system on “bypass” mode for a few hours (ignoring any alarms) and installed the modem and software. The installation was pretty darn simple with only one slight glitch that was fixed by starting the RAS service in XP. The speed is really nice… it’ll be cool to have this for the free month that I keep it. :)

Once my DSL was functioning properly, I went downstairs to test out the alarm system. I set it to do a phone test and it came back positive. I assume that means that it can bypass my DSL signal OK if it needs to. I called ADT to confirm this, but their technical support guy wasn’t terribly helpful. The way I figure it, while the computer’s on and we’re home with the alarm off, I’ll keep everything hooked up. Otherwise, I’ll disconnect DSL when the alarm is engaged, just to be safe.

I certainly like high-speed and hope I’ll be able to go back to dial-up at the end of the 30 days!

Evite hates you.

If you hack the Evite URL a little bit, you can get it to say things like this to you:

Evite hates you

We’re all insane

Stigmergy and the World-Wide Web

“The weblog has got to be the single most inefficient mechanism for communication that has even been invented. Webloggers should be committed en masse. There’s only one problem: It works.”

Joe Gregorio over at Bitworking (aka “The Guy We Should Thank for Aggie) discusses weblogs, neighborhoods, Google, and the often bizarre way we communicate using the Internet.

2002: The Year That Flew By

Hey everyone… did you all have a happy holiday?

I really enjoy the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s: lots of time with family, lots of good food, holiday cheer and all that nonsense, and five days off from work.

Just 5 days before Christmas I was complaining that the holiday spirit had yet to hit me. It was a little depressing: my favorite time of year and it barely felt like it was here. All that changed quickly, though, when over a two-night period I watched A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, A Muppet Family Christmas, and the quintessential holiday treat, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. That trio of Muppet fun did the trick for me…

We went to my parents’ in Jersey for Christmas. Stacey and her family were there, and my grandmother came up as well. It’s nice to be able to spend Christmas in the house I grew up in and feel like nothing had really changed. My dad’s awesome chocolate chip cookies and other unhealthy snack items, the always-wacky Wigilia, and the annual visit from Uncle Bob and Aunt Jerri. We just got a 128 meg SmartMedia card for the digital camera, so we took over 130 pictures (and still had room for another 180 more!). It’s nice to be able to snap away without worrying about wasting film or memory… it gives you a better opportunity to catch good moments.

Huyen and I exchanged presents when we got home the day after Christmas. Among other things, she surprised me with an autographed picture of Bea Arthur and a powder dish that was used on the set of The Golden Girls. What a wife I have, huh?

I only took one day off of work over the holiday (the day after Christmas). Work’s been relatively quiet, but productive. I’ve had more time to meditate on who in our office is the “Bloody Booger Bandit,” a guy who has a habit of flicking nose nuggets on the exact same portion of the same bathroom sink. I bet he’s the same guy who walks directly from the stall to the door, making no stop to wash his hands on the way out. But that’s just my hypothesis.

Even though we almost never do anything special for New Year’s Eve, this year we’ll be heading to two parties, one in town and one at Harvey Corey-man‘s (in conjunction with Rodeo Rob Industries). I’m sure it’ll be fun, as it always is when the minds behind the ADD sites get together.

January 1st will also mark the first Urban Ambiance release in 5 1/2 years! Be sure to go order your copy of the re-release of Flipyawig with two bonus tracks and new artwork by the aforementioned Corey. I’m autographing the first 50 copies and shipping is free… so get yer ass over there and order yourself a copy of the best underground hip-hop album recorded in Virginia in 1997 that no one’s ever heard.

If you haven’t checked out the redesign of the UA Journal, check it out. I’ve also been on a reviewing spree, with a half-dozen new reviews in the past two weeks. It feels good to get that site back rolling again.

I’ve been working on a number of interviews as of late. I posted the one with Larry Fessenden a couple weeks ago and a new ADDmovie/UA Journal interview are underway, too.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do up some sort of year-in-review dealie… or maybe not.

Go back to your own country…

Hate is alive and well, even during the holidays.

Simple pleasures

I’ve forgotten how much I love honey mustard and onion pretzels. I used to buy these things in bulk during college, but rarely partake these days. After having a few this morning, I can guarantee that I haven’t lost the taste for these pieces of fatty delight.

Hundreds of Muslims detained… barely mentioned in the news

Just another day in the United States for hard-working immigrants.

The story is nowhere to be seen in mainstream media.

Does this frighten anyone else?

Fast or safe, but not both

When Verizon called me and offered me a month of DSL service for free, complete with the equipment and even a postage paid return box (since I would inevitably be sending the modem back at the end of the free month), I decided to give it a shot. After all, who wouldn’t mind having high-speed access for free for a month?

When the customer service rep was giving me the rundown, she (I think it was a she… looking back, it may have been a “he” with a really high voice) quickly mumbled that “though most residential home alarm systems should work without conflict, if you encounter problems, please call us.” I kind of glazed over it, figuring, “OK, that probably means the standard phone filters they include (to allow use of DSL and the phone line at the sametime) work with most major alarm systems.”

The start-up kit arrived yesterday. As I started to put the filters on my phones, I noticed (or should I say “re-noticed” since I remember noticing this before) that the alarm system is wired directly into the phone line, rather than through the phone jack on the same wall. I realized there was no way I could put a filter between the alarm system and the phone line. So I called ADT and they confirmed that yes, I would need a technician to come out and put a special filter on. And, oh, by the way sir, that will cost you $97 for the first 30 minutes of the technician’s time (“It’s not considered ‘normal wear and tear’.”). I declined setting up an appointment and called Verizon to check on what ADT told me. Tech support confirmed what ADT said and added that simply setting up the DSL modem could cause my alarm system to go wacky, even if I disconnect the modem when I arm the alarm.

So, basically, if I want my “free” month of DSL, I need to shell out $100 for a filter I’ll only really use for a month. Why these filters aren’t automatically built into alarm systems nowadays, I have no clue.

This guy has some good thoughts on the issue, which apparently is pretty common. And he even came to same conclusion I did last night: I can have fast Internet or the security a home alarm system provides, but not both. At least not cheaply.