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A housefulla thanks

It’s going to be another full house this year as we host our second annual Thanksgiving dinner for my mother-brother-and-sister-in-law (no, that’s not a single person), my parents, and my grandmom. I’m going to try and make most of my dinner for tomorrow tonight since the kitchen will be crowded tomorrow, and fortunately, I’ll be heading home early today (at the insistence of my boss!).

And I’m getting psyched to watch the Cowboys embarrass the Redskins tomorrow afternoon. If the opposite happens, this paragraph may mysteriously disappear tomorrow evening.

Happy Thanksgiving to any of my blog-reading friends and family. Have a great holiday and eat some Tofurkey for me.

(Incidentally, I’ve seen no less than three sarcastic Tofurkey remarks on blogs today. Let this post mark the first non-sarcastic Tofurkey remark.)

NOW I understand…

The meaning of life is buried deep inside this page. (via inez)

Special CNN math

FBI: Hate crimes targeting Muslims, Middle Easterners surged in 2001

“Hate crimes directed against people because of their ethnicity or national origin — those not Hispanic and not black — more than doubled from 354 in 2000 to 1,501 in 2001. This category includes people of Middle Eastern origin or descent, the FBI says.”

Wait, huh?

Wouldn’t “more than quadrupled” be the proper phrase here? Who the hell is doing the math over at CNN?

Buck ’em down

Hopefully the person that asked this question has been banned from ever using a computer again.

The day is approaching…

Six months away…

This is about the time to start getting jitters.

My future is hazy

Laze is a hydrochloric acid mist formed by the action of lava on seawater.

Now you know.

Put on your listenin’ ears

Here’s some Friday fun for you…

Download this MP3 (~1 meg, some profanity involved).

The first section of the MP3 is an outro I recorded for my 1997 album Flipyawig. It starts at the beginning and jumps to the end. Then there’s a three second break. Then there’s the beginning and end of another song, this one from El da Sensei’s new album.

Tell me how similar those beats sound.

Now, granted, we both used samples, so any songs that use the same samples are going to sound similar but there’s some weird stuff going on that makes me think there may be some weirdness happening (like his producer sampling MY track rather than the original)… #1 — El’s version has the same section of the song that I sampled, but no parts that I didn’t sample, #2 — the way I flipped this particular beat was very strange and nearly impossible to duplicate — I had two sections of the same song and was flipping a switch during the loop of the sample that gave a stuttered effect to the beat… El’s sounds very similar.

Tell me what you think.

Where’d all the foot lockers go?

In August, finding foot lockers/trunks is way easy: any store catering to the college-going crowd has them by the dozen. But in November, when it happens I need an extra foot locker/trunk, I can’t seem to find single one in any store (Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Linens-n-Things, Target, Walmart, K-Mart, etc…).

Does anyone know of a place that would definitely have such an item?

Minor N***les

I really wanted to use the phrase “minor niggles” today, but had to restrain myself. If someone walked by office and misheard me, I might be incorrectly labeled for the rest of my tenure here.

For the same reason, I avoid using the word “niggardly.”

The Advancement of Web Design

It used to be when I was working on a big Web project, I’d have visions of <table><tr><td> flashing through my head. These days <div>s are dancing before my eyes.