Problem: While director commentary tracks on DVD are an awesome invention, I rarely end up watching a movie with the commentary track turned on. I have so many unwatched DVDs sitting at home, that when it comes time to sit down and watch a movie, it’s rare that I’ll watch a movie with the commentary turned on instead of a movie in “regular mode” that I haven’t seen before.

Solution: Since most of the director commentaries that I’m interested in hearing are for movies I’ve seen a number of times, it would be great if I could listen to the commentary while in the car, driving to and from work or on a long trip. It’s the perfect alternative to standard talk radio.

The execution: Using AAA Real Recorder (although it seems that most of the programs on this page would work as well), I play the DVD with director commentary turned on on my PC and capture the audio in real time to a WAV file. I then convert the WAV file to an MP3 and copy it to my Creative Nomad. Since the new version of the Nomad firmware supports auto-bookmarking, it works wonderfully for playing large MP3s of director commentary during multiple car trips.

Alternatively, the car’s also a great place to listen to commentary from, which takes Roger Ebert’s great idea and runs with it.

Sometimes, I think I’m Biz Stone, I’m such a genius.