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King Tut Unmasked

In the “Kinda Cool” Department: King Tut Unmasked, a look at what King Tutankhamen might have looked like.

DVD commentary in the car

Problem: While director commentary tracks on DVD are an awesome invention, I rarely end up watching a movie with the commentary track turned on. I have so many unwatched DVDs sitting at home, that when it comes time to sit down and watch a movie, it’s rare that I’ll watch a movie with the commentary turned on instead of a movie in “regular mode” that I haven’t seen before.

Solution: Since most of the director commentaries that I’m interested in hearing are for movies I’ve seen a number of times, it would be great if I could listen to the commentary while in the car, driving to and from work or on a long trip. It’s the perfect alternative to standard talk radio.

The execution: Using AAA Real Recorder (although it seems that most of the programs on this page would work as well), I play the DVD with director commentary turned on on my PC and capture the audio in real time to a WAV file. I then convert the WAV file to an MP3 and copy it to my Creative Nomad. Since the new version of the Nomad firmware supports auto-bookmarking, it works wonderfully for playing large MP3s of director commentary during multiple car trips.

Alternatively, the car’s also a great place to listen to commentary from, which takes Roger Ebert’s great idea and runs with it.

Sometimes, I think I’m Biz Stone, I’m such a genius.

Odd link

A link to from’s anti-Ultra Hair Away site… I’m so proud (scroll about halfway down).

Dodge the lasso

Rodeo Rob’s got his own blog. Yeehaw, pardner!

Sales speak I hate, vol. 3


What it means: When a marketing phrase or term really hits home with a prospective client and makes them understand the business case for your product or service.

What it really means: “They” understand your overstated abilities, even though they’re wrapped in a heavy layer of marketing cheese.

Shroom Room

Word from home:

Just wanted to pass along this story that Dad told me the other day. He was in our bathroom when he noticed what looked like a leaf stuck to the bottom of the wall between the door and the shower. He went to get it off the wall and it was really stuck. Turns out it was a MUSHROOM! I assume that the humidity aided in it’s growth but in all the years we’ve lived there this is a first. He promised not to use it in a salad:)

Is this going to wind up in your blog?

Yes. Yes it is, mom.

Go ahead — ask me anything

I think my about page is pretty comprehensive. It gives a good enough snapshot of who I am, but a lot of the information there has been there for quite a while. I just added a section where you can ask your own questions… be creative, be evil, BeOS. Now’s your chance to ask that question you’ve always been wondering about your favorite neurotic webmaster. Go for it.

The questions will be posted as soon as you ask them, and I will submit my answers shortly after.

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Old people, zen, and backpacking

How else would the world’s oldest living person celebrate her 115th birthday? Sleeping, as part of a 48-hour nap, of course!

The magically calming effects of Ryoanji Temple’s Zen rock garden have been explained scientificially. But, you know, it doesn’t make it any less magical: several hundred years ago, someone did this intentionally and it took us this long to figure it out.

A cool new project in the works: Backpack Nation. Each backpacker gets $10,000 for expenses to travel through one of the world’s “less wealthy” countries and another $10,000 to donate to a family/individual/organization/village of the person’s choosing. (via Rebecca)

Slight Satisfaction

A fun way to get back at the Nigerian scam artists that bombard your e-mail box on a daily basis: sign them up for a couple dozen porn mailing lists. Yes, it’s as satisfying as it sounds.

(Of course, they also wind up here.)

Sniping: Successful

Earlier this month, I put out a call for domain snipers. Now that the snipe has been successful, I can give you the downlow… if you care.

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