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Biscotti… Fingers are crossed

I’m not very confident about how these biscotti I’m making are going to come out. I went ahead and used the butter and only replaced the eggs with Ener-G egg replacer, but I’m not convinced by the consistency of the pre-baked rolls that it’s going to come out tasting good. We’ll see, I guess.

In the meantime, I’m watching a little news and Huyen’s heading out to work. Again.

Siamese Strawberries

The other day in my lunch I had Siamese strawberries, connected at the calyx:

Siamese Strawberries

It/they was/were tasty.

Maury’s Blooper

When I went to New York a couple years back, I went to see Maury live. As you can imagine, it was quite an experience.

Before the show started, there was a dance contest of sorts for women in the audience. A few young women came up and got their groove on. Maury went to a woman in the first row (seen in the picture below with the cornrows and the striped shirt) and urged her to come up on stage.

Maury's blooper

“Come on,” Maury said. The person in the front row said something, Maury leaned over, and the person repeated it to him quietly, “I’m not a woman. I’m a man.”

Maury flinched slightly, took a second, and then said, “It doesn’t matter! Come on up anyway!” The man declined.

As soon as I saw Maury walk towards this guy (who, honestly, was definitely a guy through and through), I could see what was coming next. It was like trying to stop a Mack truck at 60 mph on a wet road: I just had to let it happen and hope no one got hurt.

That was the day Maury made a mistake.


Weird… after the whole Cyberwings debacle, it seems that they’ve come back online as promised and are setting shop back up. Sure, I could have stayed with them and parlayed my $8/year into even more space and traffic, but quite honestly: screw that. I’d rather pay $35/year for a host who has reputable business practices and whose owner doesn’t remind me certain other shady characters I’ve dealt with in my “net history.”

Note that almost all of my domains are still at Web Serve Pro, and they’re going to stay there. But I’ve taken two other domains, ones that require more space in exchange for possibly less reliable hosting, and I’m hosting them at (after I decided I was done with Cyberwings). I like the idea of having at least one of my domains with a different host just in case (God forbid) something major happens with my main domains. That way I’m not totally out of touch.

Late nighters

Hey… who’s still out there?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been up until 4:30am on the computer… my fondest memories come from senior year of college, when I sat in my room (I had a single) working on my perl search engine script and Brian, my suitemate (and freshman year roommate), would yell in test search terms for me to try out.

Have I told this story before?

I’d usually have music or the TV going and he’d just be on the Net (dial-up, because he couldn’t get his network card working), but it wasn’t unusual for us to be up until 5am and then catch a few hours rest before class. I’m a night owl at heart, but the further I get from college, the more the rest of my body fights my heart.

Charlie the Missing Turtle

Owner launches search after tortoise goes on the lam

Charlie, an escaped pet turtle living in Michigan, is 61-years-old. A friend of the family brought Charlie from California a long time ago and it has lived with two generations since.

“Charlie has a wandering spirit, once leaving for three weeks. But they got him back and he hasn’t escaped in the past eight years.”

My Blog Interview/chat

interviewer: Ok, so I’m new to this whole blogging business…how did you get
into it?

lazeblogathon: The old story of “my friends were doing it.”

lazeblogathon: Actually only one friend at the time was (Paul at

lazeblogathon: I’ve had a web site since 1994 and it’s gone through many
iterations, but around 1999 or so, I wasn’t keeping it very frequently

interviewer: Cool. And it was just a way of keeping up with friends who
weren’t around the corner?

lazeblogathon: Sorta’.

lazeblogathon: I’ve always been interested in the new subcultures that pop
up on the Net, and this seemed like one that was worth exploring. It just
gave me a new medium to communicate and be creative.

interviewer: What kind of people have been keeping up with your blog?
Friends, strangers?

lazeblogathon: It started mainly with friends, but then as I started reading
(and linking to) more blogs, more people that I never knew started checking
in. One of the greatest thrills is seeing a comment on my blog from someone
I’ve never heard of before in my life.

interviewer: I’ve been doing a little research into how people use
blogs…there are a lot of people who see it as a sort of channel for “grass
roots digital activism” or a way of challenging the way media tends to just
hand us news and say “hey, this is important because we say it is” – but
most people I’ve noticed take a much more personal approach to it. Any
thoughts on that long winded statement I just made?

lazeblogathon: The blog format is so versatile and lends itself to so many
different types of communication — from “this is what I ate for lunch” to
punditry to activism to corporate business — that it really is one of the
most important ideas to come to the web since the web’s inception.

lazeblogathon: It’s a great place for journalists to explore new ideas and
make opinions heard that might not be as welcome in a (supposedly) no-bias

lazeblogathon: But it’s also a great place for someone with a passion to
keep themselves informed while keeping others informed (that’s what I do
with the Veg Blog — it keeps me on top of things while I try to keep others
aware of recent news, etc.)

interviewer: what do you think of companies like apple who are consistently
trying to squash out blogs that post info about their products/company that
they don’t want out there?

lazeblogathon: It’s a waste of time. Trying to silence your user base’s
opinion — especially when it’s as active and obessive a user base as
Apple’s — can do nothing but hurt you. It makes it look like you, as a
company, don’t give a flying fig about the people you’re selling to.

lazeblogathon: It’s an RIAA-type move: they don’t seem willing to accept new
ideas, and Apple (of all tech companies) should be encouraging that type of

interviewer: how long have you been actively blogging?

lazeblogathon: Actively, just a few days over two years.

lazeblogathon: I had a kinda-sorta-blog on a few months
before that, but I don’t really count it.

interviewer: what would be your definition of a blog?

lazeblogathon: A frequently updated journal of personal thoughts, opinions,
or items of interest.

lazeblogathon: Or… an impromptu personal knowledge management system.

interviewer: hey, i like that last one!

lazeblogathon: That was inspired by Blogroots (an upcoming book on blogs —
chapter 8 was just posted online for free… a great read on the potential
of business blogs).

interviewer: i saw your post about that…i’ll be curious to read the book
when it comes out. seems like there’s been a lot of press in the big papers
lately about blogs, particularly within businesses…

lazeblogathon: Yeah… it seemed to come all at once…

interviewer: so even though thousands of new blogs appear daily, it still
feels like there’s a network of close knit communities. do you have a
circle of bloggers that you keep in touch with? must be a way to really
meet some random people from all over the world!

lazeblogathon: Yeah — I have a series of maybe 20 blogs I read every day
(and most read mine as well).

lazeblogathon: It’s amazing how many people have such interesting things to

lazeblogathon: Out of those 20, less than half of them are people I knew in
“real life” first.

lazeblogathon: And my mom reads my blog.

interviewer: wow. so do mostly check in to see what people have been up to
or what news stories they’ve stumbled across that they’ve found interesting

lazeblogathon: With my real-life friends, I like to keep up with what
they’re doing…

lazeblogathon: with the people I don’t know otherwise, I feel like I get to
know them better over time.

lazeblogathon: A lot of it’s about entertainment…

lazeblogathon: I don’t keep up with all that many issue-oriented blogs,

interviewer: what are some of the blogs that you’ve come across that really
have stuck out in your mind as the best written/weirdest/funniest…

lazeblogathon: Best written:, especially early on. Funniest: (his early entries are some of the crudest, funniest stuff
I’ve ever read online) and

lazeblogathon: Paul’s blog is also very high up on the list.

interviewer: how’d you get involved with the blogathon?

lazeblogathon: Actually, Paul mentioned it. He had a joint blog with Cat
(the founder).

lazeblogathon: Last year was the first year it was a public thing. I joined
up because I liked the idea of doing something for charity, especially
something unique like this. Like a marathon but with no physical exertion

interviewer: 24 hours is a long time to be glued to the
computer…how’d you get through the last few wee hours last year?

lazeblogathon: Eh, 24 hours is nothing. :)

lazeblogathon: I mainly just kept busy cleaning, chatting, baking, etc…

lazeblogathon: No major caffeiene needed or anything.

The shows you see…

Apparently at 2:30am on NBC (or at least the DC NBC affiliate), there’s a show called Hip-Hop Nation. It’s a low-budget show with interviews, video clips, “urban survival” tips (like “How to be an Emcee”), and emcee battled. It’s hosted by a guy named Kaze… never heard of him or that crazy rapper “Ill Rotten” that was on the mic at one point during the battle…

It reminds me of the hip-hop shows I used to watch growing up. More of that DIY-type flavor. We need more of that.

Freestyle #2

The second of two freestyles from 1995 is one of my favorites. In this one, I put on a fast beat (Art of Origin’s “Un-rational”) and Poetic deems it “too fast” for him. I jump right in and drop a fast freestyle that is definitely one of the best I’ve ever done. Mr. Midnight follows me and flows for a while with his trademark “I make up words”-type flow.

WMWC Freestyle Cipher (featuring Laze and Mista Midnight) [4/1995] (2:15, 1.55 megs)

Dr. Lunch!

Hey hey! It’s Dr. Lunch, complete with Dancing Bottlecap(tm)!