When I went to New York a couple years back, I went to see Maury live. As you can imagine, it was quite an experience.

Before the show started, there was a dance contest of sorts for women in the audience. A few young women came up and got their groove on. Maury went to a woman in the first row (seen in the picture below with the cornrows and the striped shirt) and urged her to come up on stage.

Maury's blooper

“Come on,” Maury said. The person in the front row said something, Maury leaned over, and the person repeated it to him quietly, “I’m not a woman. I’m a man.”

Maury flinched slightly, took a second, and then said, “It doesn’t matter! Come on up anyway!” The man declined.

As soon as I saw Maury walk towards this guy (who, honestly, was definitely a guy through and through), I could see what was coming next. It was like trying to stop a Mack truck at 60 mph on a wet road: I just had to let it happen and hope no one got hurt.

That was the day Maury made a mistake.