MP3 turntable
Just last week I was telling someone that I thought that DJ CD players (the ones that act like turntables) have kind of killed “true” DJing in a lot of genres (not hip-hop, though) and that vinyl is no longer the choice for club DJs in a lot of genres.

Now I feel like a hypocrite because I think that this modified turntable that lets you scratch and manipulate MP3s like vinyl is so friggin’ cool. Make sure you check the 10 meg Quicktime movie at the end of the page—I was mighty impressed… as much by the turntable as I was the DJ at the end of the movie that was playing YZ’s “Thinking of a Master Plan.” The scratches sounded natural and the hand motions required to produce the sounds closely mimicked using vinyl.

A cool technology that manages to keep that essential “hands-on” feel but shows an appreciation for emerging music formats.