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All that scratchin is making me itch

The National Sweet Itch Help Line and the Boett Blanket.

I know nothing about horses. The phrase “sweet itch” is just funny to me. And so is the horse that looks like a Klansman.

Wedding Complaint

Anyone remember the unresolved issue from our wedding that I’ve alluded to a number of times in the past few months? Well, now you can all find out about it:

The complaint is about Encore Special Events. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. And feel free to link it up on your blogs with the term “Encore Special Events.” The good news: after alerting the Thomas Birkby House, where we had our wedding and whose “recommended caterers” list we got Encore’s name from, they’ve confirmed that they removed Encore from their recommended caterers list for both the Thomas Birkby House and the Norris House.

The lesson here: if you’re a business, don’t treat me and my wife like crap. I keep track of everything and I will tell people.


Rush Limbaugh couldn’t fight in Vietnam because he had anal cysts.

Blogathon Archive

All Blogathon 2002 posts have been archived to their own page. I will be adding a “best of” cam gallery early this week.

The final tally was 16 sponsors and $449, making a two-year total of $1001 raised in the Blogathon for the Sunshine Foundation!

Shout outs

Thanks to those of you that stuck around through so much of the Blogathon… I was surprised to see so many of you checking in so often. I really appreciated that.

Thanks to all the sponsors who gave to support a wonderful cause. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to Chris for lending me the webcam.

Thanks to Cat for conceiving this whole idea and executing it so well.

Thanks to those of you that contributed sounds/ideas for sounds for the song. I used at least one from everybody.

Thanks to Christine and the Sunshine Foundation for supporting me in my efforts to help them.

And, lastly, thanks to the kids with Progeria that I’ve met over the past few years and the families that love them: you all are inspirations.

I’m going to go climb into bed for a few hours. G’night everyone, and see you soon.

Blogathon Song: The Payoff

Though I didn’t use anywhere near the 23 samples I originally planned (it was more like 11), I still managed to put together a bizarre little 4 1/2 minute piece. It feels very rough, but I kind of like that. It manages to follow a kind of mood throughout the Blogathon, and by the end, it feels like you’ve been listening for 24 hours.

I’ll be posting the individual sounds for anyone who’s interested, but for now: the Blogathon Song (4:30, 4.12 megs).

9 Beet Stretch

Kind of cool: 9 Beet Stretch, taking Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which usually runs 70 minutes, and stretching it to 24 hours. You can listen to the entire symphony in 1 hour, 20 minute chunks.

I mention this because I used this exact digital stretching effect during two points of the Blogathon song I worked on for the last 24 hours.

Winding down

As the hours wind down, I’m amazed at how easy this Blogathon was. Even with the occasional helping hand I gave Cat or the gimmick song I was working on or the morning baking I did, the hours seemed to go quickly. And though I’m definitely tired and ready for bed, I feel fine. Almost no caffeine (except for a couple small glasses of Coke for lunch yesterday)… I even bought an iced Assam tea at Giant last night that I didn’t even open.

I didn’t get some of the “extra” stuff done that I would have liked (working on other sites of mine, watching a movie, etc.), but so what. I did my thing and a good organization will benefit.

Plus I got to world premiere “Who’s That Writing?” :)

Some things old guys just shouldn’t say

I kid you not: on the news this morning, there was a political roundtable discussion. The old, white guy, who looked in really bad shape at probably around 65 years old, used the word “dissed” without pausing and with a straight face.

I turned away before he broke out “phat” and “dope.”

Safe Miners

Some really positive news out of Pennsylvania, if you haven’t heard yet: at 1am this morning, all nine miners that were buried for three days 240 feet underground were brought safely to surface.

To balance out the good news, though, is a terrible crash at a Ukraine air show that killed 78 and wounded 100 when a fighter jet crashed into the crowd.

With those two stories, who can really bother paying attention to the mess that is the D.C. mayoral race?