Last week I got an e-mail from Poker Industries, an import DVD retailer, about a special 10% discount for all orders with an Indian movie. That got me thinking: India has the world’s largest and most active film scene, but I’ve never really seen an Indian horror film. So I did a little poking around and came across a few pages about international horror:

Teleport City has some good international horror reviews, but most of them are (predictably) from Italy. However, they review one Indian movie that sounds interesting.

The Hot Spot Online has a load of information about Indian and Pakistani horror movies with a lot of reviews, to boot.

Finally, Fear Without Frontiers: Horror Cinema Across the Globe seems to be the most academic of them all, and is presumably from an upcoming FAB Press book. If it’s like the other FAB books I’ve seen, it’ll be phenomenal. Lots of great information here on rare horror from all corners of the globe. The section on Polish horror convinced me to order a copy of The Saragossa Manuscript, a bizarrely interwoven three-hour series of short stories.