OK, this e-mail I keep getting from Holstein Central is getting more and more disturbing:

Hello David ,

I wanted to bring you up to date on what is new at Holstein Central. First item is that Semen Central is up and running at http://www.semen-central.com. This is a listing of semen that is for sale.
It is run similar to Embryo Central, subscribers can list semen for sale at a specific price, and visitors looking for semen will be able to search by sire for semen. It is just getting started so there is not a huge quantity of semen online at this point. If you have semen that you wish to move out of your tank, why not subscribe and list it there. The fee is just $25 for the first 6 months to list as much semen as you wish. This not only qualifies you as a subscriber to Semen Central, but also to Embryo Central. There are currently over 500 embryos on Embryo Central by many different sires, high type, high index and great cow families, prices start at $100.00. There have been many sales as a result of listings on Embryo Central so list your embryos now.

To top it off, this letter is signed by “John R Wadsworth.” Wow.