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Hope you all had a

Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend.

Huyen and I went to Virginia Beach to Stacey’s house for the weekend. We were greeted at the door by Jules passing on some exciting news!

This week when I went

This week when I went to Fredericksburg, I stopped and got gas at the RaceTrac (now “Raceway,” I believe) since they tend to have the cheapest prices. I finished filling up and went to write the mileage information in my little book, only to realize that the my pen was no longer in the car.

I had already started the engine and didn’t want to run to the attendant to borrow one. So I did what any self-respecting geek that needed to record his car’s mileage would do.

I took a picture with my digital camera.

Odometer reading

Some updated CD Cellar Leesburg

Some updated CD Cellar Leesburg information, courtesy of Alex and the Cellar themselves…

The store will be opening, “come Hell or high water,” on April 15 (though the owner’s mother just died, so it may be slightly delayed beyond that, I’m not sure). It will be in the same center as Mama Lucci’s and Loudoun Guns, in the old Loudoun Gun store (at the end of the center).

I can’t wait.

To my friends at Netscape:

To my friends at Netscape:

Hey, guys… you’ve finally gotten Netscape 6.2 to the point that it’s stable. Good job.

Now, why did you bother releasing Netscape 4.79, for Heaven’s sake?!

Hay hay hay, Rog, here’s

Hay hay hay, Rog, here’s your Friday Five.

  1. If you could eat dinner with and “get to know” one famous person (living or dead), who would you choose? Malcolm X or any one of the other civil rights leaders from that era (Marcus Garvey would do, too).
  2. Has the death of a famous person ever had an effect on you? Who was it and how did you feel? Not really… for me, unless I know them personally, a person’s death (famous or not) doesn’t affect me a whole lot.
  3. If you could BE a famous person for 24 hours, who would you choose? Does a character (rather than a real person) count? Yeah? The Invisible Man.
  4. Do people ever tell you that you look like someone famous? Who? Someone told me when I was a kid that I looked like a young version of Simon Lebon (from Duran Duran). Now, I just look like a “constipated-looking version of Bill Gates — without any of the money.”
  5. Have you ever met anyone famous? An old, out-of-date list is available here. And when I was a kid, I met William Conrad in a grocery store. He was buying Planters Peanuts.

OK, this e-mail I keep

OK, this e-mail I keep getting from Holstein Central is getting more and more disturbing:

Hello David ,

I wanted to bring you up to date on what is new at Holstein Central. First item is that Semen Central is up and running at This is a listing of semen that is for sale.
It is run similar to Embryo Central, subscribers can list semen for sale at a specific price, and visitors looking for semen will be able to search by sire for semen. It is just getting started so there is not a huge quantity of semen online at this point. If you have semen that you wish to move out of your tank, why not subscribe and list it there. The fee is just $25 for the first 6 months to list as much semen as you wish. This not only qualifies you as a subscriber to Semen Central, but also to Embryo Central. There are currently over 500 embryos on Embryo Central by many different sires, high type, high index and great cow families, prices start at $100.00. There have been many sales as a result of listings on Embryo Central so list your embryos now.

To top it off, this letter is signed by “John R Wadsworth.” Wow.

The show last night was

The show last night was mighty good… RNM’s spirit was definitely present as his youngest son (and Grammy winner!) Damian took the stage. Though The State Theatre is an odd venue for reggae, I really like their sound — it’s just loud enough to rock the house, but you can be down on the floor without earplugs and not go deaf.

As much as I loved Damian’s performance, the crowd annoyed me (imagine that — just like every other show I’ve ever been too). Only in Falls Church would two girls grind on each other while Damian Marley sings his rendition of “Crazy Baldhead.” Some people just don’t get it.

I will admit, though, I was mighty impressed by the guy standing next to me who knew the lyrics to every single one of Damian’s songs.

Two highlights of the evening: the one Rasta that stood on stage and waved an Ethiopian flag back and forth for the entire show and Stephen Marley coming out during the encore to sing “Could You be Loved?” He’s amazing.

I picked up my ticket at 6:45, but the show didn’t start until 9, so I had time to putz around a bit. I went to Fresh Fields and picked up some food and a buttload of “my soap” since it was on sale (Kiss My Face/Clearly Natural). Then I headed to CD Cellar and made out like a bandit — probably the best set of CDs I’ve purchased at one time in the last year.

I got home at 1:30, but it was worth it. A good night all around.

Anyone feel like going to

Anyone feel like going to see Damian Marley with me tonight?

I’m not kidding: I had

I’m not kidding: I had a dream last night where I transformed myself into a bowling pin.

Scary realization from running some

Scary realization from running some stats on my company’s web logs: more people visited our site using Netscape 3 than Netscape 6 (3.79% vs. 2.98%).

Yikes. People still have NS 3 installed on their machines?