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There are three blog-related books

There are three blogrelated books on the way. I’m surprised it took this long!

Happy birthday, Mom (26th), Jules

Happy birthday, Mom (26th), Jules (27th), and Huyen (today)!

<consumer alert>If you need a

<consumer alert>If you need a humidifier, now’s a good time to buy… Target has them on clearance at 30% off.</consumer alert>

Summary of Things We successfully

Summary of Things

We successfully refinanced our mortgage on Friday, and that becomes final today. It’ll be nice to save such a significant amount each month.

I heard from Ryder last night who is moving to California. He was originally supposed to move in late March, but things took a fast turn and he’s leaving tomorrow. I realized exactly how stable and rooted my life is right now and how thankful I am for it.

A redesign of Pint’s site should be done this weekend, and then the next redesign-in-line begins.

I heard from a friend from elementary school that I haven’t seen in eight years (since this event), and who I hadn’t seen for probably six years before that. She’s married with a son and remembers the riot exactly the same way I do.

A friend from college passed her Ph.D. qualifying exams, which makes her a “Ph.D. Candidate.” Congrats!

Robert is moving to Richmond in two weeks. No more RAW is Sobecke on Monday nights. Best of luck, pal.

Rediscovering Shawn‘s site is like bumping into an old friend.

If Matt Wilson’s sister hasn’t injured him after reading this, I imagine a crotch-kicking is forthcoming.

The Shavers are buying a van. May I suggest Big Van Vader?

My lunch time is up. Talk to you soon.

I have a tough time

I have a tough time being sick. I’m not very good at it.

As a kid, I rarely missed school. I think it was in middle school that I came within a day or two of having perfect attendance. In high school, most of the days I missed were “mental health days” my parents occasionally allowed me (days I just didn’t feel like going to school). During college, I was sick a little more frequently due to the constant proximity to thousands of other potentially sick students, but I wasn’t sick more than average. 1998 was the last time I was knock-down-drag-out sick, and that was because I got some dirty ice in Vietnam. I was laid out for three days, barely able to move from the bed to the bathroom. One good vomit, though, and I was all better.

Since then, I haven’t missed a day of work for illness. Not because I would come to work sick, but just because I simply didn’t get sick.

Until recently, that is. But even that immune system ass-kicking only lasted a day and I didn’t have to miss work. After my bout last week, though, I can no longer claim the super-immune status I had bestowed upon myself.

I’ll refrain from giving you the gory details of my upper-respiratory viral infection aside from the fact that I had fluids coming out of me that matched a description on TV of the chemical spill that shut down the DC Beltway last week. Needless to say, though, I was pretty much laid out for several days.

I managed to only miss a day-and-a-half of work, though. I’m glad I took the time off… it gave me some time to heal over a long weekend and to catch up on my Tough Enough and Jungle Holocaust. I found it tough to just sit around, though… I always thought I could handle long-term couch potato life, but after a day on the couch, I got really antsy and made a trip to the recycling center just to get out of the house. I found adapting to the sick role pretty difficult, as I try to avoid putting other people out, even when I’m feeling miserable.

I went to the doctor yesterday just to make sure everything was A-OK and was assured that I am at the tail end of this illness. Though my voice is still pretty screwy from congestion (I had all but lost my voice on Sunday and had to have Huyen make phone calls for me), I’m feeling so much better.

One final side story before I close out this boring chapter of “Where have you been?”… the doctor gave me some samples of Duratuss GP to help treat some of my symptoms for the final few days of the infection. By the time the samples ran out, I should be back to normal, she told me. I took one yesterday before work. When I got home, I had a headache, but was a bit leery of popping an Aleve to ease the pain. Like I said: I’m not good at being sick, so I had no idea about any possible drug interactions.

My doctor’s office was closed, so I decided to call the number on the Aleve bottle first. Closed. I checked online and got some kind of sketchy answers, but nothing I was willing to bank on. I called my insurance’s 24-hour nurse line. I chatted with a kind nurse for a bit, but she couldn’t give me an answer for sure, so she recommended I call a pharmacist. I called the local CVS, explained everything to the pharmacist and he says, “Yeah, that’s fine.” I thought I heard a laugh in there. “Um, there are no problems with that combination?” “Nope, it’s OK.” It was the answer I was hoping to hear, but he apparently knew this off the top of his head. I thanked him and hung up. 30 minutes after I started looking for my answer, my headache had pretty much dissipated.

Hopefully, just a few more days of nose-blowing and I should be back to my normal, sunshiny self.

Hey, hey, check Paul’s new

Hey, hey, check Paul‘s new design!

Alert the national guard… I

Alert the national guard… I actually came home from work early today. I see a lot of sitting and sleeping on the couch in my immediate future.
And, man, is it gorgeous outside today.

I don’t feel so good

I don’t feel so good today… but at least I got my copy of Jungle Holocaust in the mail today. Hooray for Me Me Lai!

Looking for yet more ways

Looking for yet more ways to fight spam? Here’s a good one — it encourages you to purposely cost advertisers on (formerly money. Those idiots that sell e-mail addresses will pay $5 for every click-through for the term “bulk email” on, so hunt them down and click — each time someone clicks, that company loses $5. Nice.

I’m happy to report that

I’m happy to report that the Creative Nomad passed the “long drive” test with flying colors. I was a bit concerned because my previous car adapter didn’t fit the Nomad, so I had to use the rechargeable batteries: they lasted a good five hours. Pretty impressive. Before the return trip, I stopped at Radio Shack to buy a new adapter for a mere $8.

One of the coolest things about buying a new electronic toy is all the non-official development that surrounds it. When talented, obsessive fans of a product get to developing web sites and software centered around the product, things get interesting. In my early searching for Nomad resources, I came up with the two most worthwhile ones:

Also, offers up “modified” Jukeboxes with up to 40 gig hard drives!