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Oooh… now I know what

Oooh… now I know what I’m going to do with junk mail!

Stick it to the man…

I started playing around with

I started playing around with the Creative Nomad 20GB last night and I must say: I really like it. Perhaps it’s just because I spent a nice chunk of change for it, but for my purposes, it’s going to fit the bill perfectly. Here’s an initial breakdown of some pros and cons I spot right off the bat:


  • 20 gigs… 20 friggin’ gigs. That’s enough to hold thousands of songs, hundreds of hours of music… I figured out that if I filled it up with tunes recorded at a reasonably high quality, I could make 50 round trips to my parents house in NJ and never have to listen to the same song twice.
  • The included software is nice which will rip MP3s directly from CD to the Nomad (and quickly, too!).
  • While the size of the unit is certainly bulkier than other similar units, it’s the size of a standard portable CD player and will fit perfectly in the car. And the other, smaller, units don’t have anywhere near the capacity of the Nomad. For me, capacity was more important than perfect portability.
  • The interface is relatively intuitive. Setting up playlists is easy, especially when using the software (versus the unit itself).
  • Easily upgradable firmware. I’m especially impressed by the fact that the firmware can be easily upgraded to support other file formats.
  • It can store more than just music, so it makes for a good unit to move large amounts of data from one computer to another with.
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries. The unit itself acts as the recharger.


  • Though the software is good, I would have much preferred it if you could set the Nomad up as another drive on your PC. I’d rather use Explorer’s drag-and-drop to move files onto the Nomad rather than having to start their software up.
  • On a similar note, I would have liked the ability to be able to save on the Nomad with folders (as it is, all songs are stored in one gigantic root directory). However, using playlists can sort of mimic directories.
  • The screen is a little small… I would have liked to see it a bit bigger.
  • It comes with some preset songs. I’d like to move the songs from the Nomad to my computer, but they’re “locked” and can only be deleted from the unit, not moved to the PC. I came across a roundabout-possibly-warranty-invalidating way around files being “locked,” but I’m not bold enough to try it just yet.

With all that said, I simply cannot wait to get this thing filled with songs and taken on the road for some good “long trip” testing.

Unfortunately, I lost a bunch of MP3s of cassettes that I had made in anticipation of getting the Nomad because one of the partitions on my hard drive is so screwed up I can’t even format it. Ugh.

Teen sues over letter to

Teen sues over letter to editor

A student is in trouble because he wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. According to his school’s superintendant, he needed to get permission from the school before sending such a letter.

What?! I feel a pain deep in my gut every time I hear of something like this.

My Creative Nomad has shipped

My Creative Nomad has shipped from Comp-U-Plus, a company that really seems to have their act together, but my cassette receiver has not shipped from the questionable Cambridge World. I called CW today and was told that it’s not in stock but “more should be coming in tomorrow.” They also said that I’d get an e-mail when it ships, but somehow, I doubt it.

I have this feeling that when my installation date comes around (February 9th), I’ll still be without a cassette receiver. We shall see.

If you’re into abandoned buildings,

If you’re into abandoned buildings, haunted houses, and such, be sure to check out the Midnight Society, a group that photographs and logs just such places in New Jersey. I found myself spending inordinate amounts of time on the abandoned buildings section… some of the accounts sent chills up and down my spine.

Just in case you hadn’t

Just in case you hadn’t heard yet, watch out for the My Party virus. It’s a little different looking than some other recent viruses (I’ve gotten two copies thusfar).

My week has been made…

My week has been made… my niece drew a picture (by request!) of Spongebob Squarepants for me:

Spongebob Squarepants

To see more of Jules’ artwork, check out the page that Stacey set up.

Game show freaks: this Thursday

Game show freaks: this Thursday night from 8-9pm is the special 30th anniversary episode of The Price is Right (the one where a riot almost broke out). The prizes will be the biggest and best they’ve ever given away, which is hard to imagine since the last time I watched the show (last year), they were giving away silly amounts of “brand new CAR!”s…

Am I lame for hoping they break out The Card Game and Cliff Hangers (with the yodeling guy)?

Couple jailed for Christmas lights.

Couple jailed for Christmas lights. Uh-oh… guess we better get those last couple strands down before Chris turns us into the authorities.

Heating up fish in a

Heating up fish in a public microwave should be a punishable offense.