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Huyen and I are now

Huyen and I are now in New Jersey after our delayed honeymoon in New York state. We had a great time in Geneva, Watkins Glen, and Ithaca and have plenty of stories to tell (and pictures to show). I think we may be the first couple that spent time on their honeymoon cleaning out a chicken coop.

I hope all of you are having a great holiday and will catch you all soon…

Yup… now you can see

Yup… now you can see my undies online. The wonders of the Web never cease to amaze me.

I… want… this… toy… And

I… want… this… toy

And I’m thinking I just might get myself one. Not right now… but soon.

It’s been a weekend of

It’s been a weekend of potlucks… Friday night in DC, we hit the GWU Art Therapy potluck. Even though I only know a few of Huyen’s Artx folks, it was still a good time.

And last night was Luscious Lex‘s holiday potluck. The food there was just awesome — everyone brought kick ass dishes that ended up complimenting each other’s very well (and they were all veggie, to boot!). Corey has some wacky pictures, so hopefully he’ll post them… including the R-rated picture of my underwear.

I’m happy to report that for the last two days, I’ve gotten up after 11am. Man, am I proud.

An e-mail from I

An e-mail from

I am writing to inform you that has received a “Notification of
Change” alert from your financial institution. A “Notification of Change”
is a courtesy notice from your financial institution, informing
of certain changes to your account information. The “Notification of Change”
that I received from your bank indicates that your account information
needs to be updated:

Invalid Account Name

Your current name in your account information is Ryan MacMichael.
According to your bank, it should be RYAN MACMICHAEL.

Oh. I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

I successfully burned my first

I successfully burned my first data CD last night, which is a good thing. You may remember the problems I’ve had with my Ricoh MP7060A running under Windows 2000… since I got the computer in July, I’ve only successfully burned one CD and that was an audio CD-R. This data CD was a CD-RW, so now the test will be to try and burn a data CD-R (of MP3s?).

I’ve already begun converting some old, rare hip-hop into MP3 format with the expectation of having a nice fat, chunky disc of hip-hop from 1986-1992.

Tomorrow the plan is to look at tape decks (sorry, “cassette receivers”) for the car. Thanks to Crutchfield, I can predetermine which tape decks will fit in my car. The sucky thing: I don’t like the appearance of a single one of the faceplates. Who do they hire to design these monstrosities?

I love it when people

I love it when people take on crappy service in a public forum. This time the enemy is the DoubleTree Club Hotel in Houston.

“The Tape” has been released.

The Tape” has been released.

It looks like I missed

It looks like I missed this year’s UWC Toys for Tots event, and it sounds like my friend from high school, Jim O’Malley, got involved in the main event. :) Funny stuff…

For fun: pictures of last year’s event.

You know what’s annoying? When

You know what’s annoying? When the NWA sends you the exact same letter with a 3.5 meg BMP attachment over a dozen times in one day.

I certainly hope it’s a burp in their mail server, because it’s getting tiresome.