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From now on, I’m calling

From now on, I’m calling Kristy “Queen Four O. Four.”

I just got word that

I just got word that some guy was collapsed in the lobby of our building and there were medics surrounding him. I hear the sirens now, so either more are coming or he’s on his way tot he hospital. Weird.

One last thing before I

One last thing before I finish up my lunch…

Yesterday I was putzing around the Internet Way Back Machine again, marvelling at its coolness. Not only did I find find Robby T.’s old school page, complete with a rare pic of Luscious Lex, but I came across picutre I used to have on my old web site. It’s one of my most treasured pictures because it’s the only picture that I have of me with both of my grandfathers.

I was very close with my mom’s dad (on the left), who died in 1997, but I didn’t get to know my dad’s dad (on the right) who died in 1977. This picture was taken in 1976 or 1977.

Me with my grandfathers

Odd and annoying: I went

Odd and annoying: I went by the post office last night after work to pick up some stamps (those wedding thank-yous are finally just about done and now we have to start our Christmas cards). I had a $20 bill and a single all ready to get 3 books stamps ($6.80 each). I put the bill in, but nothing happened. And then I saw the electronic message scrolling across the stamp machine: “Please use only coins.” What? Who was going to buy a $7 book of stamps with coins? The other stamp machine, which only serves up a stamp at a time, displayed the same message.

I don’t know whether it was some weird double-malfunction or if some weird security precaution I’m unaware of.

Dear God: Hi! It’s Ryan.

Dear God:

Hi! It’s Ryan. Remember me?

So, how are things? Things here are good. It’s really warm here today. In fact, it was warm yesterday and the day before.

That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

Listen. It’s November. Tomorrow, it’s December. I realize I’m not in the far northern part of the country and I also realize that it’s still “officially” autumn, but it would be really nice to have some winter weather around here. Fall weather stinks if there are no pretty colored leaves on the trees. Hit us with some winter weather. Some of that old cold-that-will-burn-your-skin winter weather. Some heavy-snow-that-forces-us-to-work-from-home weather. Some “damn-it-where’s-my-heavy-coat?” weather. I wore shorts around the house the other day — something’s wrong with that.

I even have new tires on my car, God. I’m ready for a rough winter. Give it to me.


P.S. If you need to get in touch with me, e-mail’s the best way. My address is [email protected]

An interesting idea: a proposal

An interesting idea: a proposal for meta tags to reduce hits in search engines for certian search terms. Search Day gave a good example:

Let’s say you are a botanist, and have created the world’s best site about asparagus. To your dismay, search engines are swamping your site with traffic from teeny boppers who have zero interest in your beloved vegetable. Why?

Because one of the most common queries is Britney Spears. Using Carroll’s proposal, it would be a simple matter to emphasize “asparagus spears” and reduce to zero “Britney Spears” as your preferred keywords. It’s almost like applying the Boolean NOT operator to a web page, rather than to a query.

I know exactly how you

I know exactly how you feel, Paula. I get that same feeling every time I return to MWC… I feel more and more distantly removed from it, and it’s kind of depressing.

A (not-so) simple explanation of

A (not-so) simple explanation of first cousins, second cousins, once-removeds, etc..

Huh… huh huh huh… they’re

Huh… huh huh huh… they’re called HoMedics… huh huh…

The Diet Page Chronicles continue…

The Diet Page Chronicles continue…

From: [email protected]
u fucking jerk

From: [email protected]
u bad speller with lame e-mail address

From: [email protected]
um ooook what did i spell wrong? get a life

From: [email protected]
Last time I checked “you” had three letters.

And you might want to check your SHIFT key… I think it’s broken.

I’m not the Durst-obsessed person e-mailing someone about a joke diet page they found on the Internet.

From: [email protected]
well hopefully that guy on the page wasnt you coz that mother fucker is U-G-L-Y!

From: [email protected] (again)
hmmm whats that again? you? or u? yeah thats right…