I haven’t remembered many dreams recently since I haven’t been very diligent about writing them down, but this morning I had four that I remembered.

  1. I was looking at apartments and French Stewart was my guide.
  2. I was dating Reese Witherspoon, riding around in the back of a convertible with her.
  3. Huyen and I had had a second wedding (this is the fourth dream I’ve had that’s dealt with having a second wedding), but this one was much smaller. At the reception afterwards I was talking with Catherine, one of Huyen’s friends. I was telling her how Katherine and Chris had the “Indigo Girls tag-team belts” and Catherine asked where they had them. I said, “Probably above the mantle!” and we both started laughing. Katherine then came over and I asked her, “Where do you have the Indigo Girl tag-team belts? Above your mantle? In your bathroom?” and gave a friendly laugh. Katherine said, “No, actually I keep one above my desk, so that when I’m working and need inspiration, I can just reach up and touch it.”
  4. Two dogs were standing around a large rotating table with fried chicken, talking about how much they liked eating chicken.