I had a good weekend, how was yours?

On Friday after work, Huyen and I went duckpin bowling with Rob and Sarah. I did pretty well the first game (considering it was the first time I had truly been duckpin bowling) and not so hot the second game. We then had a late dinner at the mighty 29 Tastee Diner and got home before any of us old folks pooped out.

Saturday I went hiking. The plan was to go to Gambrill, as suggested by a co-worker, but thanks to my own dumb-assness, I got directions to their administrative office which is miles away from where the actual park is (go figure). So, instead I hiked trails in Cunningham State Park (PDF map) in Thurmont, MD. While the falls trails were pretty weak, I thoroughly enjoyed my hike to Wolf Rock and Chimney Rock (not this Chimney Rock). That hike was enough to make me feel like a manly granola cruncher as I climbed the sometimes-rocky, sometimes-steep, sometimes-not terrain, drinking my water and chomping on an apple and whole wheat crackers. I surprised myself with my endurance, too. I hiked between seven and eight miles and wasn’t even sore the next morning. The trails were pretty empty and the few people I met were all very nice. To that one guy who pointed me in the right direction: I hope you find the cell phone you lost in the woods.

On the way home from the hike, I stopped off in Frederick to try out the Wildflowers Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant I hadn’t been to before. Unfortunately, I arrived at 4:40pm, only find out that they close at 4:00. Oh well, next time.

Sunday I spent a rare day hanging around the house. I did some cleaning and then hung with Homeboy Robbie T. We went to lunch, revived the Africa Wildebeasts in a 77-3 win over the Fredericksburg Flingers, and watched a little football. I made dinner (Tunisian Vegetable Stew) and made Rob try one of my vegan brownies. He didn’t vomit or anything, so I guess he approved of my moderate culinary skills.

Happy days.