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Didja ever notice how much

Didja ever notice how much easier it is to raise the right side of your upper lip (think Elvis) than the left? Is it different for left-handed people?

I was never a huge

I was never a huge fan of the festivities of Halloween—too many bad memories—but I’ve always loved October since the showing of horror movies on television greatly increases. This year will be the first year in a while that I’ve had a chance to give out candy for Halloween, so I’m headed home a little early from work to make sure I don’t miss all the l’il trick-or-treaters that traditionally head out well before dark.

I did get to give out candy when we lived in Falls Church, three years ago, but that wasn’t terribly fun, mainly because I hated a lot of the teenagers that lived in our complex. One guy came around, he was probably 18, and he wasn’t even wearing a costume. Dumb ass just stuck out his bag and said, “Trick or treat.” I asked him, “What the hell are you supposed to be?” He had no answer… he just looked back at me stupidly. I gave him candy anyway, nice guy that I am.

My previous job was as

My previous job was as a webmaster at a local ISP in central VA in 1997. It was a summer job, but paid well, allowed me to hone my skills, and actually led to me getting a job at the company I’ve been with for the past 3+ years. It was an interesting job, my first taste of corporate America, even if it was a small company with less than 20 employees. There were some really weird office politics, though, and definite animosity between the head cheese and my direct boss.

One morning I came into work and a co-worker was outside smoking. “Rick wants to see you,” he said. I got a little nervous, wondering what the hell could be up with that omnious greeting. I got in and my boss and my other officemate weren’t in yet. I went in to see Rick in his office. In addition, Eric came in from outside and one or two other co-workers joined us, closing the door behind them when they came in. “Sit down,” Rick said.

He proceeded to inform me that when my boss and other officemate arrived, that they would be fired. And, oh, by the way, “we’re doubling your pay.”

I said “thanks” somewhat hesitantly, but felt really weird. I went back to work and a few minutes later, the to-be-fired duo moseyed in the office. I didn’t say anything to them, but held my breath when Rick asked to see them in his office. Within two minutes, there was screaming and yelling behind that closed door, the likes of which I’ve never again heard in a work setting. By the time all was said and done, the two people were still employed (they must have talked their way out of things), but there was serious dissent, and they ended up quitting within the month. My pay raise continued through the rest of the summer until the company folded that September.

I don’t like being in an office with a closed door unless it’s lunchtime.

Now you can pretend to

Now you can pretend to have captured Osama bin Laden on an extremely cheesy looking fake news magazine! What a deal!

Right near us, there’s this

Right near us, there’s this house that always has a hearse in front of it. The side of the hearse says “Last Ride” (you may have seen it on those little square pictures on the top of my page) and there’s a skeleton sitting in the passenger seat. It’s really weird, to say the least. But every Halloween, they decorate the heck out of the house and open it up for kids and donate the money to charity.

Here’s a short story on the house’s activities.

I haven’t remembered many dreams

I haven’t remembered many dreams recently since I haven’t been very diligent about writing them down, but this morning I had four that I remembered.

  1. I was looking at apartments and French Stewart was my guide.
  2. I was dating Reese Witherspoon, riding around in the back of a convertible with her.
  3. Huyen and I had had a second wedding (this is the fourth dream I’ve had that’s dealt with having a second wedding), but this one was much smaller. At the reception afterwards I was talking with Catherine, one of Huyen’s friends. I was telling her how Katherine and Chris had the “Indigo Girls tag-team belts” and Catherine asked where they had them. I said, “Probably above the mantle!” and we both started laughing. Katherine then came over and I asked her, “Where do you have the Indigo Girl tag-team belts? Above your mantle? In your bathroom?” and gave a friendly laugh. Katherine said, “No, actually I keep one above my desk, so that when I’m working and need inspiration, I can just reach up and touch it.”
  4. Two dogs were standing around a large rotating table with fried chicken, talking about how much they liked eating chicken.

Microsoft to Opera: Oops!

Microsoft to Opera: Oops!

Just a quick reminder, if

Just a quick reminder, if you haven’t checked it out yet, take a peek at my Halloween movie recommendations if you’re looking for some good scary movies over the next few days.

I had a good weekend,

I had a good weekend, how was yours?

On Friday after work, Huyen and I went duckpin bowling with Rob and Sarah. I did pretty well the first game (considering it was the first time I had truly been duckpin bowling) and not so hot the second game. We then had a late dinner at the mighty 29 Tastee Diner and got home before any of us old folks pooped out.

Saturday I went hiking. The plan was to go to Gambrill, as suggested by a co-worker, but thanks to my own dumb-assness, I got directions to their administrative office which is miles away from where the actual park is (go figure). So, instead I hiked trails in Cunningham State Park (PDF map) in Thurmont, MD. While the falls trails were pretty weak, I thoroughly enjoyed my hike to Wolf Rock and Chimney Rock (not this Chimney Rock). That hike was enough to make me feel like a manly granola cruncher as I climbed the sometimes-rocky, sometimes-steep, sometimes-not terrain, drinking my water and chomping on an apple and whole wheat crackers. I surprised myself with my endurance, too. I hiked between seven and eight miles and wasn’t even sore the next morning. The trails were pretty empty and the few people I met were all very nice. To that one guy who pointed me in the right direction: I hope you find the cell phone you lost in the woods.

On the way home from the hike, I stopped off in Frederick to try out the Wildflowers Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant I hadn’t been to before. Unfortunately, I arrived at 4:40pm, only find out that they close at 4:00. Oh well, next time.

Sunday I spent a rare day hanging around the house. I did some cleaning and then hung with Homeboy Robbie T. We went to lunch, revived the Africa Wildebeasts in a 77-3 win over the Fredericksburg Flingers, and watched a little football. I made dinner (Tunisian Vegetable Stew) and made Rob try one of my vegan brownies. He didn’t vomit or anything, so I guess he approved of my moderate culinary skills.

Happy days.

Cool tool for e-mail newsletter

Cool tool for e-mail newsletter publishers: Make a Shorter Link. (SearchDay)