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My Journals


My first journal entry.

A few weeks ago I came across all of my old diaries/journals, dating back to when I was 5 years old (my very first entry from just over 20 years ago: “NO FRIENDS, TO PLAY WITH”). Though I haven’t kept a journal consistently, I have had a number of journals over the years that represent very distinct parts of my life:

  • 1981-1983 [ages 5-7]… These were in a blue notebook that was originally my mom’s high school notebook. My writing got significantly better from start to finish. Drawings of football players were interspersed with mispellings like “poboly” (probably).
  • 1983-1987 [ages 8-11]… I was an angry kid and it really shows in this journal, but I also kept track of standard everyday events and signficant life-events. The second entry talks about a trip to a friend’s house to play Smurfs on his Colecovision (mispelled as “Colocovishon”). Interestingly, this journal also mentions my first kiss (and has the girl’s name, Cindy, which I had forgotten until I rediscovered this journal). Some days my entries were simple: “7/8/1985: Shit.” And other days, I made very astute observations like, “1986 would not be anything without: Rap and girls.” Amen, brother, amen.
  • 1988 [age 12]… I kept this journal for our trip to California when I was in sixth grade. I was more concerned with writing down the names of the attendants on the train ride than any deep thoughts about my first trip to the left coast.
  • 1992-1994 [age 16-18]… During my high school years, I kept a journal on my Laser 128ex Apple II-compatible. I chronicled my (limited) dating experiences as well as my thoughts on the high school that I hated with every fiber of my being. I went five years without reading these entries, and when I went back to do so after hooking up my old computer, I was absolutely engrossed. I spent an hour a day for three straight days following the story of my life like I was an outsider. I could feel my stomach tensing up during certain points and had moments of lucidity about other events a full seven years after the fact.
  • 1997 [age 21]… This brief journal was from the first semester of my Junior year of college.
  • 1998 [age 22]… This journal was from my trip to Vietnam with Huyen and her mother.
  • 2000-current [age 24-current]… I now keep my journal on my computer, once again. The entries are sporadic, but now I see how valuable looking back at old journals can be, so I try to make each entry worthwhile.

I keep my current journal using DavidRM’s The Journal software, which is simply outstanding. I’ve transferred all my entries from high school to this new program and added an extra “Afterthoughts” tab that allows me to pontificate on the grander meaning of earlier entries. I have begun to type the entries from my Vietnam journal and plan on transcribing ALL of my old journal entries into this program, including scans (if necessary) of my early entries. I also plan to add a tab for my dream journal, which I’ve kept for over a year now.

I always felt like I never wrote enough in terms of journal entries, but looking back at the various journals representing most of the major portions of my life, I realized I actually wrote quite a bit. Combine them with my blogs and these “Soft Rain” entries and I think I should have some pretty good material for my biography when I’m 50.

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Tonight, Rob, Huyen’s mom, and

Tonight, Rob, Huyen’s mom, and I hung around Arlington to hear/meet Bruce Campbell and get him to sign his new book, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor. As the first time I met him in passing, he was very friendly and made it worth the extremely long wait (I was #199 — he actually sat with each person and talked with them as he signed their books, which was great, but meant that we didn’t get out of there until 10:30pm).

Laze and Bruce Campbell, together again

L'il Robbie C. and Bruce Campbell

Google search of the day

Google search of the day pointing to my blog: “free nipple pinching movies.” I wonder what they thought when they found my pointer to this picture of Rob. Hopefully they’re satisfied.

A certain Jamaican singer is

A certain Jamaican singer is giving me ulcers!

He’s still my man, though…

Anti-Jay and Silent… I’ll admit,

Anti-Jay and Silent… I’ll admit, I think Kevin Smith is an overrated director (please don’t throw pies at me, Dave W.), and despite how he’s held up as an example of an “independent filmmaker,” I have trouble viewing him as such with how slick and glossy his films have become. Nevertheless, I enjoy his films a lot more than I do with bores like Spielberg, Lucas, and Cameron. [via Paul]

You know, there’s only one

You know, there’s only one woman who I would cancel my wedding for…

Jeepers Creepers, despite the awful

Jeepers Creepers, despite the awful name, looked to me to be one of the first serious mainstream horror films (as opposed to schlock like I Know What You Did…) made in quite a while. What I was most interested in, though, was the director. I looked for the guy’s name in the trailer, but mysteriously, it was never shown, not even flashed on screen.

Turns out there’s a reason for that.

The director is Victor Salva, director of Powder and convicted child molestor. This sick SOB videotaped himself having oral sex with a 12-year-old and was convicted for it just over a decade ago.

Guess what movie I won’t be seeing.

During my aforementioned trip to

During my aforementioned trip to Total Wine (formerly Total Beverage), I felt about as out-of-place as one can feel (like I said to Alex at lunch: I would have felt more at home standing in the middle of Kingston yelling out, “Haile Selassie is a fraud!” than I felt in Total Wine). I’m not exactly a drinker. I have one or two glasses of wine, a year. I’ve never once had a beer, only a sip of my dad’s when I was eight. I’ve never had even a taste of hard liquor. I’ve never smoked a puff of a cigarette or done any sort of drugs (unless second hand ganja smoke counts). It’s not because I find it morally wrong or anything like that, it’s just never interested me. And I have no problems being around any of it, which is good, so that it doesn’t limit what I do socially. My friends range from hardcore no-alcohol/no-drug people (including a couple straight-edge guys) to heavy drinkers and weed smokers. No problems here.

But anyway, there I was, in Total Wine trying to figure out what the hell to buy for our wedding. There are aisles and aisles of different types of wine and beer… I decide to give up and let me dad handle the purchasing. We did buy champagne with a little help from a saleswoman, but I’ll be damned if I know the difference between dry, extra dry, and brut and why certain champagnes are better than others for toasting. Whatever. Just take my credit card, pile the booze in my car, and let me out of the place.

Yesterday, in the pouring rain,

Yesterday, in the pouring rain, I found $30 on the ground. A $20 and a $10. I looked around and nobody was around that could have dropped it. Someone must have been so excited about their new alcohol purchase that while running out of Total Wine they didn’t notice that they were $30 lighter.

When I was young I seemed to have good luck with getting random free stuff based on other people’s mistakes. I would walk around to each soda machine that I saw and hit a button to see if I’d get a free soda. I remember at least twice getting a single soda and one time finding a busted machine getting two or three freebees. That same summer I found $10 under the boardwalk at the beach.

Came across this letter from

Came across this letter from Pastor Daphne Burt (a friend of mine) from 1995, which is worth a read. Sometimes it’s nice to see when a religious person (especially a Pastor!) is supportive of gays and lesbians and doesn’t view them as sinners because of their orientation.