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Dream entry #22: May 21,

Dream entry #22:

May 21, 2000, 6:30am

Playing football as part of a pick-up tackle league. I think my mom was on a team. We were the Africa Wildebeasts. We played the OT of the championship game and won, which we finished as graduation was letting out. There was a lot of drama (a la Party of Five) — specific people, I’m not sure, but they argued about control and lack of freedom in the students’ lives. I had a couple extra pair of Asics, one a nice running pair and another a beat-up lawn-mowing type pair. WWF wrestlers [yes, again] Edge and Christian were a part of the dream at this point.

I then watched a football game where the Dallas Cowboys were beating the “Tampa Bay 2000,” a new version of the Tampa Bay team with Brownish-Black uniforms and a white background on the helmets. Dallas was winning 30-20. Al Michaels announced it was “brought to you by the XFL, a new league starting immediately following the Super Bowl.” Approximate time setting of the dream was late October/early November (first game of the season?) The dream ended with me playing a computer football game with my dad.

Another “Vietnamese Funny Story:” Salted

Another “Vietnamese Funny Story:”

Salted Eggs

Those two brothers dropped in a restaurant to have dinner. The waiter served them a meal in which there was a plate of salted eggs. The younger brother asked the elder ones:

“Why are these eggs salty, brother?”

The elder brother answered:

“Don’t ask such a stupid question for others will laugh at you! You don’t know even salted eggs, do you?”

The younger brother asked again:

“But where do they come from?”

The elder brother showed his wide knowledge:

“How stupid you are! You don’t even know salted eggs! Salted ducks lay salted eggs! Do you know such a simple thing now?”

Deion Sanders is retiring. No

Deion Sanders is retiring. No big deal — his playing time this year will about equal that of the last few years.

Dream entry #21: January 3,

Dream entry #21:

January 3, 2001

We were having a party when WWF wrestler Raven was there in some bizarre, surreal capacity. Haverchuck from Freaks and Geeks was laying in popcorn. And one of my childhood friend’s mother was there.

There are a few things

There are a few things I miss about being a kid, but there’s one thing I will never miss for a second: square dancing.

Could there be any worse torture? I tell you, my stress level was through the roof when it was announced in gym class that we wouldn’t be playing floor hockey or running the 50-yard dash, but that we had to team up with a partner for square dancing.

Was there really a purpose? Did it help advance social skills? Oh, no… it just gave a kid like me ulcers.

The cam’s down for a

The cam’s down for a bit, as I’m away from the PC more than I’m at it.

I have a feeling that work on Monday is going to be tough. :)

Dream entry #20: November 30,

Dream entry #20:

November 30, 2000, 5:34am

I was riding in a car in New York City and saw a man with a sandwich board that said “Parking in *DOWN ARROW*” (rear) and the other side had a blinking arrow pointing left.

Another part of the dream had me on a subway, realizing I had lost my bag on the “brown line” [probably referring to my recently lost digital camera].

Then I was at a Half Pint/Rastafarian convention where two deceased reggae artists (Pan Head and Ras Sam Brown) were performing.

At some point in the dream the phrase “ecclesiastic mistake” was uttered.

Trekkies is on now… it’s

Trekkies is on now… it’s a pretty amusing look at Star Trek fans. I wonder if Cat was in any of the shots… :)

Dream entry #19: September 19,

Dream entry #19:

September 19, 2000

[I’ve posted this dream before, but it’s worth posting again due to its bizarre nature.]

I dreamt about a software product that my company offers for download, except that in my dream it wasn’t software, it was an intraveinous contraption hooked up through a large tube running into the drain of a sink, connected with a Reach toothbrush. It pumped a soaplike substance into my arm.

[I woke up from the dream with the freaky illusion of bubbling soap in my blood.]

Let’s try another “Vietnamese Funny

Let’s try another “Vietnamese Funny Story,” exactly as translated:

A Poem On a Toad

Those three poets thought that their talent of poetry was excellent and often complained to one another that they would die young for longevity and talent didn’t go together.

One day, they went sightseeing with one servent to a pagoda. After taking some drinks, they wanted to compose a poem but didn’t know how to begin. Suddenly, they saw a toad jump out from somewhere. One of them at once read out the first line of the poem:

“The toad jumps out.”

The second poet went on:

“The toad jumps in.”

The third poet also read:

“The toad sits there.”

The little servent asked them permission to make the last line:

“The toad jumps away.”

And then the three poets all cried noisily for they were afraid that Heaven would be envious with their talent and would not let them live any longer. They hurriedly told the servant to go buy them three coffins for precaution. They also told the servant to buy one more for himself because his talent of poetry was excelent [sic], too.

At the moment, the old monk in the pagoda went out, gave some money to the servant and said:

“Please buy me one coffin, little boy!”

The three poets were very surprised but the monk just then explained:

“It’s just because I have taken a vow that if I meet anyone who is worse than I in poetry, I’ll die. Now it has happened so I can’t live any longer!”

Phew. Long way to get to the punchline.