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Cool. Using this 4k command


Using this 4k command line app, you can remove the SirCam virus from anything you receive and look at the original file. It almost makes downloading the virus worthwhile.

Today I got an attachment that outlined the requirements for a 3-year business degree at some college.

I was going to ignore

I was going to ignore this spam, but now that I’ve gotten it twice in two days, I at least have to mention it… it starts:

We’re starting a new kind of church and would like you to be a charter member. CyberChurchOnline will
open its virtual doors in 30 days. A church with no walls and no limits!! We are not bound by a denomination, religious rules or tradition. What binds us is our need for a better relationship with Jesus Christ and the faith to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

A church with no limits… not bound by denomination or religious rules…

As long as you’re Christian.

I see.

An extra special thanks to

An extra special thanks to my sponsors for the Blogathon — I raised over $500. Only six people out-earned me (not bad considering there were around 100 participants). The grand total for all participants was just short of $20,000!

Congrats to Cat for doing a phenomenal job with the First Annual Blogathon.

Letter received at our info

Letter received at our info address at work today:

I just found out about your company today and I love it. Have yall thought
about going public? I have some friends in Charlotte,N.C. who can get you
there and save you a ton of money in the process. *companyname* LLC
www.*companysite*.com 1-800-……..


Yes! Let’s do business NOW, Mr. Spammer!

The morning after: feeling fine,

The morning after: feeling fine, except for stomach cramps that woke me up at 5am (and are still being felt). Methinks going out to dinner may have been a mistake last night.

But, I’ve slept about 14 hours since the Blogathon ended, so I’m feeling pretty fine. And I have Applesauce Cake to show for it. :)

Thanks again to my sponsors and visitors during the thon. I chatted with a few new people during the event, and it was nice getting to know you. :)

And I am up out

And I am up out of here…

Thanks for coming — hope you enjoyed your visits. The whole thing will be archived almost immediately at

Dream entry #24: July 28,

Dream entry #24:

July 28, 2001, 5:00am

Old women were standing on a porch next to Moe from The Simpsons. One of them cut a tomato and he said, “Can you cut an onion?”

She says yes.

He says, “I can cut something else. Can you cut loose?”

She says yes.

A man with no feet walks by the porch celebrating “Footloose Day.”

And that’s how we end the dream entries…

Even though I cleaned quite

Even though I cleaned quite a bit last night, the hallway and the bed in the guest room are actually messier than when I started. And I wrote no reviews. And I didn’t work on any of my sites.

But I still feel like I was busy for the past 24 hours.

Dream entry #23: June 22,

Dream entry #23:

June 22, 2000, 6:12am

I had to go to NJ for a meeting of some sort. I got up the next day to get back to college to take a test (and study a lot before). I left very early but traffic got caught up in NJ. I came home to do breakfast with the family since I had given myself enough time. Unfortunately, by the time I go out of there (Dad was going to drive me at this point?), it was too late. I had missed my test. I yelled at Stacey because Farrah Fawcett made me late (her name came up serveral times).

There was also some subplot about gettinga a letter from Kathy Ireland. She included a weird picture of me with two people holding Kathy Ireland dolls and a movie of the dolls with some monster dolls.

I’m now watching a borrowed

I’m now watching a borrowed tape of HBO’s “Six Feet Under.” I’m still not quite sure what I think of it… it’s morbid, dark humor, but for some reason, it’s not appealing to me as much as I would think it would.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve been up for 26 1/2 hours.