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So, no one ever commented

So, no one ever commented on my wonderful job posing as Corey on his honeymoon! Will you forgive me for being inspired by Kaycee, Bob, and Dave?

Usually I get my film

Usually I get my film developed with Photoworks, however their online photos are kind of grainy, so I figured I’d try out Snapfish. Unfortunately, they had to raise their rates recently and I missed their “pay-only-shipping” promotion. Or so I thought — turns out for four rolls of developing and online prints I paid a total of less than $7. Apparently, they’re honoring all old mailers for their original prices ($1.69/roll — the cost of shipping).

The online pictures are clean and clear compared to Photoworks’, but unfortunately, they’re a lot smaller than I’d like.

One example is Huyen in the bookstore that Chris works at in State College.

Another is this cool shot of our Christmas tree from last year with our fireplace going right next to it.

Home-grown game show games, free

Home-grown game show games, free for download.

A high school friend of

A high school friend of mine was found dead in her apartment a few years back. It was considered a murder, but there was never much news on the case. Every so often I search the web for information on her case, but apparently no breaks have been made. Her mother recently appeared on Montel Williams to speak with psychic Sylvia Browne, but I missed the episode.

However, today I came across this bulletin board post and its subsequent reply. While I didn’t know Candace well enough to be able to say one way or the other if she would be “the type” to commit suicide, the theory seems a tad fishy to me.

Even though I’ve only had

Even though I’ve only had my new credit card for a month (you’ll remember, it replaced my previously hijacked card number), I have another charge on it that I’m confused by.

Apparently, on Wednesday June 13th, I was charged $26 by “Wise Crackers Inc.” in Dallas, Texas. I went through my “order.txt” file where I keep track of all my orders and found nothing. I read through my e-mail for the 12th and 13th looking for some indication of what the hell I did that day — no luck. I even went back and read my blog to see what was happening during that day, and I still have no clue where that charge could have come from. In addition, all web searches for the company have come up empty.

This is getting tiresome.

Something weird a gwaan in

Something weird a gwaan in our office men’s room.

Usually, if nobody comes into the bathroom for 10-15 minutes, the lights will shut off until someone else eventually comes in. Now, though, the interval is down to 10-15 seconds. So, if you’re standing and doing your thing, the lights will shut off until you walk to the sinks (where the sensor must be). Strange.

I’m getting a new computer.

I’m getting a new computer. Actually, a new used one. But it’s new to me.

Thanks to Paul‘s decision to go Mac (once you go Mac, you’ll want to come back… ha ha), I’m finally going to have a computer newer than my 1995 Pentium-90 that has served me well (or not-so-well, at times) for the past six years.

I’ll be able to play The Sims! I’ll be able to run Homesite! I’ll actually have room for all my e-mail without having to constantly delete files! And most importantly: the Wildebeasts will look and sound better than ever.

A new day is dawning.

Google now has an image

Google now has an image search in beta. Awesome.

The search for “laze” brings up some funny results… esepcially #7 (the one with me in a tux).

As of mid-afternoon Friday my

As of mid-afternoon Friday my weekend was absolutely devoid of plans. I had nothing going on, and that was OK, considering the fair amount of travel I’ve done recently.

Within half-an-hour, my two days became booked.

Saturday I went to the Progeria Research Foundation‘s Bowlathon (sponsored by the local Circle K). I met up with Audrey, Scott, and Leslie from the Foundation as well as little Sammy, who I had met at last year’s Progeria reunion (he’s in yellow). The event went well and continued what must have been an awesome week for Sam (it was just a day or two after this year’s Progeria Reunion ended).

Sunday I went to the final day of Wolf Trap’s Jazz and Blues Festival. While it was way light on classic jazz, it was still a good time with a lot of great music. And, hey, I got to meet Joshua Redman, so that alone was worth it! :)

Ugh… dishwasher problems suck. We’ve

Ugh… dishwasher problems suck.

We’ve had very few problems with our house since we’ve moved in, but the dishwasher has been a real pain in my ass for the last two months.