Seems like the good deals on the Net are still around, just harder to find. Today’s comes from Amazing Bargains: Best Deal Magazines. Corporate sponsors will pay for a one-year subscription to any of 100 magazines. You pay only a $2.95 processing fee on each. The guy at Amazing Bargains vouches for them (and I trust him based on using his site for a number of years). The nicest thing: the subscriptions do not automatically renew after a year!

If you’re into men’s magazines and such, I noticed FHM, Stuff, and Gear were all listed. Others included Wired, Guide to Home Theatre, and the most exciting: Deleware Today!

I participated, skeptically, in a similar bargain last year offered by They gave you $60 worth of free magazines for a year. Sure enough, I got my three magazines for free, for a year. I was charged in advance for the next year after about 10 months, but a quick phone call and about a month later I was creditted back the full amount (and told that I could keep any extra issues of the magazine that I might receive).

I guess since magazines are mainly advertising anyway, they can get away with stuff like this. But it still ends up benefitting the consumer pretty well.