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Oh God, give me the

Oh God, give me the will to resist. It was Rob who planted the idea in my head and Corey who has validated my desire. Please give me the strength to say “NO!” until October.

* Deep breath… * Things

* Deep breath… *

Things are getting done.

In addition to my dishwasher

In addition to my dishwasher problems and that friggin’ toilet , the tape deck in my car is acting wonky (thanks to Paul for introducing me to that great word). Something’s up with the mechanism inside and the tape just isn’t sitting correctly in there, hence, no sound.

I spent an hour last night fighting with the dishwasher trying my damndest to fix it myself. I lost.

Sometimes I wish I had some sort of handyman instincts. I’m always afraid I’ll either electrocute myself or chop some fingers off (I get nervous sticking my hand into the garbage disposal, even when no one else is near the ON switch). Unfortunately, the most I can do is unclog a toilet. Beyond that, I’m pretty useless.

It looks like Hayley’s Progeria

It looks like Hayley’s Progeria Page has joined up with the Blogathon and she’s raising money for the Progeria Research Foundation. I remember seeing Hayley at both of the reunions I’ve been to (and she’s sponsoring my Blogathon effort as well). I hadn’t seen her page before, however… definitely worth a visit.

Very cool: create your own

Very cool: create your own browser.

One of my favorite signs

One of my favorite signs of all time, finally captured for me by co-worker Steve:

Tart Custom Millworks

I just know the trucks for Tart Custom Millworks are short and have a cage on the back.

Finally, a nice little feature

Finally, a nice little feature on Blelvis, Rob T.’s best friend. (Corey on the find)

Seems like the good deals

Seems like the good deals on the Net are still around, just harder to find. Today’s comes from Amazing Bargains: Best Deal Magazines. Corporate sponsors will pay for a one-year subscription to any of 100 magazines. You pay only a $2.95 processing fee on each. The guy at Amazing Bargains vouches for them (and I trust him based on using his site for a number of years). The nicest thing: the subscriptions do not automatically renew after a year!

If you’re into men’s magazines and such, I noticed FHM, Stuff, and Gear were all listed. Others included Wired, Guide to Home Theatre, and the most exciting: Deleware Today!

I participated, skeptically, in a similar bargain last year offered by They gave you $60 worth of free magazines for a year. Sure enough, I got my three magazines for free, for a year. I was charged in advance for the next year after about 10 months, but a quick phone call and about a month later I was creditted back the full amount (and told that I could keep any extra issues of the magazine that I might receive).

I guess since magazines are mainly advertising anyway, they can get away with stuff like this. But it still ends up benefitting the consumer pretty well.

My profile has been posted

My profile has been posted to the Obscure Store community page. Right now it’s at the top, but it may not be by the time you read this (search for “MacMichael” if need be). They didn’t post my complete profile, but they got most of it. (RASclot on the catch.)

From my local police report:

From my local police report:

Destructive/Damage/Vandalism of Property
The victim reported an unknown substance was smeared
on the front door of the residence.

I bet it was poo.