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Wedding update… It’s really hard

Wedding update…

It’s really hard to decide on a photographer… probably harder than anything else has been to this point. But the good news is: the DJ hunt looks like it may be over. We met with Ian yesterday and are both very pleased with him… he’s a really nice guy and seems to have his act together. Plus he’s flexible, unlike those other guys I mentioned before.

State taxes are due tomorrow.

State taxes are due tomorrow. I had more trouble battling with the state forms and their inane instructions than I did with the federal form.

One thing that’s driving me nuts: the Consumer’s Use Tax. Basically, if you bought more than $100 in goods over the Internet or through mail order that you weren’t charges sales tax for, you have to pay Virginia the 4.5% rate for those items. While I have a problem with paying tax in my state for something that was bought in another state, my main beef is this: how the hell do I know how much I bought online in the last year? I am damned sure not going to add up the hundreds of receipts for every little purchase I made on the Net. It’s really quite absurd.

This weekend Huyen and I

This weekend Huyen and I went to Roanoke to work the twice-annual Muddy River Trading Company auction. We always have a really good time working with the Metz’s and it’s pretty cool to see all the Coca-Cola and advertising memorabilia that they have available.

On the way to Roanoke, we stopped off in Harrisonburg to see Huyen’s sister Thi. She works at the Texas Steakhouse, which is right next door to one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen: a combination video store and fireplace/stove store. I kid you not:

Very odd.

Today was “Spring Clean Your

Today was “Spring Clean Your Office Day” at work… and let me tell you, my office needed it. I had 2 years worth of 10-15 different magazine subscriptions (most weekly) that I cleaned off my shelves. And my desk was just plain foul.

Even after cleaning, things don’t look all that much different, but I just feel like I’m in a much cleaner office now. :)

As an exclusive to you,

As an exclusive to you, my friendly blog readers, I offer up to you a 40-minute mix of hip-hop, breakbeats, soul, and funk:

The Fat Funk Freaker Invades East Vassalboro (use the password “lazemix” to login).

It’s in Real Audio and weighs in at about 10 1/2 megs, so only those of you with high speed connections should bother.

The nice thing that I actually mix a couple songs relatively well and I offer up some nice rarities (like the promo remix of Del’s “Catch a Bad One” from ’93 mixed with Yaggfu Front’s “Busted Loop”). And the turntables (yup — this set is strictly vinyl) only skip once or twice!

Exactly when did start

Exactly when did start selling computers, electronics, sporting goods, and trading cards?!

Good news on the DJ

Good news on the DJ front: on Sunday I’m meeting with a guy who was recommended to us by our caterer. He’s a British fellow and sounds super nice. He has a collection of about 1800 CDs (still a beginner in my eyes, but hey, whatcha gonna do?) and absolutely encouraged us to supply any of our own music that we want.

We also have several meetings with photographers this week (which seems like it’s going to be a massive headache).

It’s always nice when they

It’s always nice when they find a human skeleton twelve miles from where you live.

A couple of cool bits

A couple of cool bits from Research Buzz:

Free Speech Movement archive — a collection of documents, images, video, and audio from the Free Speech Movement of 1964.

Ellis Island records are now freely searchable.

AltaVista has a neat new system in place to block spam submissions. If you go to their add url page, you’ll notice you have to enter random letters that appear as images on the page. From what RB says, 98% of AltaVistas submissions before this new protective measure were spam. Wow…

If you’re not currently subscribed to the Research Buzz newsletter, consider it. It’s a great read for anyone that ever searches on the Web (which is to say, most people).

So I’ve been trying to

So I’ve been trying to find a DJ for our wedding, which I will say right now is no fun due to the extreme cheesiness of most wedding DJs… today I wrote to a guy and got a very smart ass remark in return.

First thing he said was “We were booked for your date six months ago” as if to say, “Good luck on finding a DJ now, idiot.” Then, he responded to a question I had asked him with regards to playing some of our music if we were to provide it. His response was “May I recommend that you re-evaluate your priorities on the music somewhat?” and he went on to say that if I wanted an experienced wedding DJ that could read the crowd, etc. then I shouldn’t expect to play our own music. If I wanted to play my own music, he said, “don’t waste your money on an experienced wedding emcee – rent a jukebox for your reception.”

I wrote back:

… As I mentioned, I wasn’t looking for a DJ to play only our music or
even mostly our music… we’re just interested in having our reception
be more personal than most standard wedding receptions where the basic
Ricky Martin – “YMCA” – “Electric Slide” – “Celebration” format is
followed. That’s all fine, as crowd participation is important to some
people, but we’re interested in finding a DJ who is willing to play a
small handful of songs we consider important to us (as well as
appropriate for a reception setting) mixed in with the everyday
wedding playlist.

His tone was rude, and I don’t take well to that.