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A few months back I

A few months back I set up a couple of new sites with this host named UrgentHost. They were super-cheap and only charged monthly, which was nice. I liked that. They also had a decent admin panel and some nice features.

Unfortuantely their server was down half the time and their customer service S-U-C-K-E-D. They’ve now been down for the last several days and I’m pretty sure they’re gone for good. What annoyed me was that they have never sent any sort of letter talking about their downtime or their (possible) demise. Not a friggin word.

Tonight begins the second of two domain transfers to a stable, reliable host.

Last night was a historic

Last night was a historic night in wrestling… here you have one wrestling company that’s been around for decades buying another that’s also been around for decades. And only weeks after a third organization was kind of swallowed up and merged with the first. Who would have thought in January that in March we’d be watching a RAW with Paul Heyman announcing alongside Jim Ross talking about Vince’s purchase of the WCW? Absolutely crazy.

Watching RAW and Nitro last night (and I taped both) was surreal… Vince and Shane appearing on Nitro, hearing WWF fans chanting Goldberg’s name… it was, as they say, “a total mark-out moment.”

When the dust settles, it’s hard to tell whether having one huge wrestling conglomerate will be good or bad, but one thing’s for sure: it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

This’ll be the best part

This’ll be the best part of WrestleMania (next to Rock-Austin, of course).

For quite a while, our

For quite a while, our downstairs bathroom has had a slow leak in the toilet that eventually started driving me nuts around Christmastime. Every minute or two, you’d hear a quick flow of water go into the toilet. Not only does it get really annoying once you notice it, it also wastes a lot of water (almost 16,000 gallons a year).

So, being the absolute opposite of a handyman, I decided it was time to learn a bit about how things around my house work (I’m still a total dolt with house stuff — I had to get some help changing the filter in our gas heater). I spent some time with my hands in the back of the toilet (odd fact: the water in your toilet’s tank is probably the cleanest water in your entire house), futzing around with stuff and learning how the toilet actually works.

Unfortunately, all I did was make the problem worse. So much so, I had to cut the water off to the downstairs toilet until I decide what the next course of action is. I refuse to pay a plumber to come out and fix this, because I have a feeling it’s a really simple thing… but I haven’t made it to the hardware store to pick up a new stopper (which is what I suspect the problem is). It sucks to have to run upstairs to use the bathroom…

I started out kicking butt

I started out kicking butt on the company’s March Madness pool. I picked a lot of upsets in the first round and was cruising along in first place for a while. Now I’m down in the bottom half of the rankings with no chance of doing well, thanks to only have two of the final four teams correctly picked.

It was a heck of a pot, too.

Happy 25th, Rob.

Happy 25th, Rob.

I usually enjoy reading The

I usually enjoy reading The Final Call (yes, you read that right), but this article talking about Minister Farrakhan’s “prophecising” is a rare example of poor writing in the NOI paper. It’s overly sensationalistic and unbalanced. Now, of course I expect there to a be a bias of some sort, but not this far.

I went to get my

I went to get my hair cut tonight at my normal barber shop, but I had a new guy weilding the scissors. Now, I don’t know about you, but I get a tad nervous sometimes with a guy who doesn’t know how I like my haircut. See — I’ve had the same hairstyle since I was in sixth grade, and I’m not really about changing it right now.

He’s back there, shaving away with a variety of electric trimmers and I’m thinking, “Man… it seems like he’s really taking a lot off,” but of course I can’t tell because I don’t have my glasses on. At certain points I was concerned I’d come away either a.) bald or b.) looking like white trash (though I was already arguably approaching mullet-status).

The good news: my hair is fine. :)

Indeed. Especially cool is the


Especially cool is the subhead a little more than halfway down the page…

I need to go to

I need to go to the dentist. It’s been entirely too long since I’ve had a routine check-up. I hate going to the dentist, though… too much pain, too little payoff. Stupid, I know.

My last dentist once told me, “You’ll need to get your wisdom teeth pulled. There’s no doubt that within three months you’ll be in major pain.” That was six years ago. I’ve had several checkups with him and each time he said the same damn thing.

The one guy I’m thinking about going to calls himself the “Gentle Dentist.” This, of course, translates to: “Dentist for Big Pussies Like You.” But I don’t care what that says aboutme. If he’s really that gentle, I’ll give him a shot.