Last night I had what may be one of the most bizarre, nonsequiter dreams I’ve ever had.

Early in the dream, Matt was over my house and he had a box of videos, books, and CDs he had picked up for me somewhere.

From there, Huyen and I had two tickets to go see Wrestlemania. As I was sitting in my seat (which was more like a La-Z-Boy), I thought to myself, “Man, those wrestlers look close.” Then I realized that I was in the first row (why I didn’t figure this out sooner, I’m not sure). I was so psyched to be in the front row at Wrestlemania and was wishing I had brought one of my “Bring back Moondog Spot” signs with me.

The match in the ring was especially strange. The Rock was part of the match, but he had totally changed his look so that he was that “blue chipper” he had entered the WWF as. The really strange part, though, was the ring itself. Rather than being the regular canvas ring with ring ropes, there were no ropes and the ring itself was nothing but big couch cushions.

A little later, I went back into the crowd to find where Huyen was. I told her I was up in the first row and I was psyched, but that I needed signs so I could get on TV. Apparently, I had told my sister to come and bring me signs or a dry erase board at the entrance gate. I met her there and saw my neice, who came running to me (after she ran to another friend she saw waiting at the gate). She had this really weird fake toy rabbit that hopped around and actually looked more like an electronic shoe.

At some point, I became a news reporter that they went to during a break in Wrestlemania. But I was broadcasting from this huge space station. I was holding onto this monsterously large pole (no phallic comments, please) that was probably 100 or 150 feet long. And I had a camera attached to me, broadcasting back to earth whatever I did in space. The space station was a huge ball with lots of interconnecting beams and poles, and I was able to maneuver around it by driving this pole I was holding onto. Everyone wanted to see me crash into something so that I’d fall off the pole on television. I could hear the announcers back on earth talking as I was swinging around this space station, but then I came dangerously close to hitting a beam and went through the outside of the space station, the announcers’ voices slowly fading away until I heard nothing.

I tried to get control of the pole, but it took a very sudden and fast dive, and I could physically feel the force with which I was being propelled. Eventually, I was inside an enclosed part of the space station. I was still floating around on this pole, which had shrunk a bit (again, no phallic comments), weaving around the station. I flew through a game room where these military cadets were playing ping pong (though they weren’t floating or wearing any special gear).

A minute or two later I “woke up” and was telling Huyen about my dream. Turns out, though, I hadn’t really woken up, because I did, for real, another minute or two later.

When I woke up from this dream I was so psyched. It was such an intense dream with a lot of strong emotions and physical movements. This was definitely one of the coolest dreams I’ve had in quite a while.