Damn… Blogger lost this post the first time.

I’ve been having way too much fun with Lost in Translation, a script that takes your text and submits back-forth-and-all-around Altavista’s Babelfish translation engine. After five translations, it presents you with a total mungification of your original message. A good example is the text from my about page.


Eh, what can I say? I’m a webmaster by day (and night). I drink entirely too much tea and have become a “tea snob.” I love all sorts of horror films (from Euro-trash to classic horror to slasher flicks to obscure Asian films) but I’m also a vegetarian: let me see lots of blood, just not on my plate. I miss college, but not high school. I used to DJ on college radio (I was also the station manager for a while) and I am a tad obsessed with music in general. I’ve met a few famous people in my day and most of them have been surprisingly down-to-earth.

I really like popcorn and toasted marshmellow Jelly Bellys. I Ping, daily. In 7th grade (1988) I wrote my own BBS and ran it at my middle school. Aside from local BBSes, my first time online was on GEnie.

Everyone has a cause. Mine is Progeria.

A normal Monday night: hot air popcorn and WWF RAW.


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All the cause has one. Meins is Progeria.

Monday damages the normal school: maisimpuls of WWF that will warm up and BELIEVED the air.

“I can really make to blow upon mais and roasted it congeals Bellys of marshmellow. I silverplate, newspaper.” I love it. I can’t get enough of this endless fun…