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Props to Exhumed Films for

Props to Exhumed Films for yet another excellent feature. This time around was a triple-featured dubbed “FulciFest 2001” featuring the films of Lucio Fulci: Zombie, The Psychic, and Gates of Hell. While I’ve seen Zombie and Gates of Hell a combined total of 20 times, most likely, I’d never seen The Psychic before. I was impressed! While a bit slower than most of Fulci’s movies and with almost no gore (aside from a really cool opening shot of a woman falling off a cliff), it was a solid mystery with a clever ending.

Of course I’m still trying to figure out the ending to Gates of Hell.

In any event, the show went quite well. They handed out Fulci booklets with everything from a Petrarchian Sonnet dedicated to Fulci and a series of haikus about his movies (I swear I’m not kidding). I estimate about 350 people showed up and I got to be the ticket taker for the evening.

As a follow-up to my

As a follow-up to my previous doppleganger post, I’ve put together a montage of the various Laze Lookalikes that I have displayed on my wall at work.

First it was a nude

First it was a nude woman as Jesus, now it’s Mrs. Butterworth. (via Obscure Store)

It’s strange — I never

It’s strange — I never thought I was really generic looking, but over the past year-and-a-half I’ve come across three people that look extremely similar to me. One was a model for the Glow Dog Corporation (I’ll have to scan the picture in later as the image is gone from their site), another was a high school kid in Northern Virginia, and the third was a dude in the picture for this story.

Well, today, Aaron e-mailed me:

Also, have you seen a video by a group called “Iconz” by the name of
“Get Crunked Up”? I’ve seen it twice, probably both times on BET.
Anyways, there’s dude in there that looks like you! I cracked up when
I saw it. There’s this white dude dancing around, sometimes with a
bottle of champagne, he’s got glasses like yours and a haircut like
yours. Yet another mystery appearance of Laze… ha ha.

So I managed to find the video online. It’s hilarious… the song is atrocious, but the guy looks like a slightly dorkier version of me (though I’m pretty close anyway, eh?). The best part starts at about 3 minutes and has me slapping a girl’s bum and popping open a bottle of champagne. Here are screencaps of a few highlights:

I’m not surprised that people

I’m not surprised that people are upset about Jesus being depicted as a naked, black female. This country still has so far to go… why is the thought of Jesus as 1. black, 2. female, 3. nude, offensive?

What I’m more offended by is the image of Jesus as a white guy with long hair. There’s no way that a guy from the middle east 2000 years ago was a white European. The fact that somewhere down the line in history, someone decided to depict Jesus like that to fit their own needs really bugs me.

I’m nearing the bottom of

I’m nearing the bottom of a bag of loose Sow Mee White Tea here at work. I have a small teapot at work that I use to brew my loose tea leaves, but when you get to the bottom of a bag of tea, the leaves become more like dust or powder. While the tea still tastes good, there are usually quite a few little tea leaves floating around in the water. With the larger leaves, it’s OK because they’re easy to avoid, but when they’re that small they become irritating when you try to sip your tea.

But since I hate wasting anything, I really wanted to finish off the rest of the tea (it’s probably another 8 or 9 good cups worth). So, I ordered some empty teabags from Stash Tea, specifically T-Sac Filter Bags ($5.50 for 100) and these Japanese-made teabags. I bought both to see which worked better. I figured that having a lot wouldn’t be a bad thing, either, as they’d be perfect for travel.

I gave the T-Sac filters a try today and I was really impressed. They’re not bleached, so the taste of the tea stays relatively true to it’s proper taste. It’s mighty convenient, and I’m able to finish off the tea dustings without any residual leaves floating around. I never thought I’d be drinking white tea in a teabag!

(What a tea dork I am.)

I think the average web

I think the average web developer can be divided into three distinct parts:

  1. The part that likes dealing with content
  2. The part that likes dealing with design/layout/navigation
  3. The part that likes dealing with the technical side of things (Perl, CGI, PHP, database integration, etc.)

I think that most days I’d say my interests are 45% content, 35% design, and 20% technical.

I didn’t get to sleep

I didn’t get to sleep last night until after 3am. I am dragging big time today.

Doesn’t this guy’s head look

Doesn’t this guy’s head look totally disconnected from his body?

I don’t care much for this photographic technique, which a lot of e-commerce sites use when putting people on their site.

BlogVoices is adding way too

BlogVoices is adding way too much load time to my blogs… it has to go. Before I let it go, though, are there any objections?

I’d like to get something else implemented that would be similar, but I’m not sure what quite yet…